Extra Credit Option

Students have the option to pursue one or both of these extra-credit options.

First optional extra-credit assignment:

Students write comments on 10 blog posts of their choice on any given week for 1 participation point or 25 blog comments to replace a missed blog post for 2 points (note: the points are not applicable to future missed blog posts after 3/6/17). This option is available for multiple weeks throughout the semester, and students would choose their preferred week(s) and blog posts. Blog comments will be submitted at the student’s convenience (no due dates). The comments must be 2-3 sentences and answer the following question:

What is the most original idea presented in this post and how could the student’s interpretation be improved? Comments that provide only opinions—positive or negative—will not earn extra-credit points.  Likewise, comments that are hostile, rude, or disrespectful in diction and tone WILL NOT be accepted.  Only substantial comments that address the above question for each student blog post–in a constructive and courteous manner–will be accepted. Students must contact me via email upon submitting blog comments, and indicate how they would like to apply their extra credit points.   Please let me know if you have any questions.

Second optional extra-credit assignment:

Students write a blog post about a visiting professor’s presentation scheduled for Monday, 3/20: Prof. Robert Markley, “After Sustainability: The Future Histories of Climate Change” (see attached flyer below). The blog post must relate, at some level, the presentation to one of the eighteenth-century literary texts covered in English 102. The blog will be evaluated according to the blog post grading rubric and scheme used for other posts, and will count as its own extra-credit point category regardless of whether students have missed past blog posts. Please categorize this blog post under “Extra Credit” and create relevant tags. The extra credit blog post is due by Tuesday, April 4th 6pm.  Markley – Flyer

Students who attend this event, without writing a blog post, will earn 1 participation point. I encourage all students to attend!

These extra-credit assignments meet the following four learning goals:

  1. To foster an interactive and communal blogging experience.
  2. To provide an alternative outlet for class participation.
  3. To brainstorm for ideas related to your term paper topic.
  4. To offer a fair chance for students to improve their blog grade.