Extra Credit Option

One-time extra credit option:

Students have the option to write comments on 12 blog posts of their choice on any given week (excluding their own) to be counted for one of these two areas:

  1. Raise half a letter grade for the first essay.
  2. Excuse ONE lecture or discussion section absence before 4/9.

Students could opt for either grade category or complete 24 blog comments for both categories.  Students would choose their preferred weeks and posts. Blog comments should be submitted in the comment box to each of the blog posts by no later than Friday 5/10. The comments must be 3-4 sentences and answer the following question:

What is the most original idea presented in this post and how could the student’s interpretation be improved?

Comments that provide only opinions—positive or negative—will not earn extra-credit points. Likewise, comments that are hostile, rude, or disrespectful in diction and tone WILL NOT be accepted. Only substantial comments that address the above question for each student blog post–in a constructive and courteous manner–will be accepted. Students must contact professor Garcia via email upon submitting blog comments in order for him to make the grade and/or attendance record change.  Please email him if you have any questions.