Now or NEVER

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Day 1: 2:48pm


As I snached a teady bear from a little girls arms I can not care less about her outburst cries. She enters into my country without permission and I am supposed to show her mercy. She is so tiny but I have to be strong for my family. Her people come in hundreds and thousands seeking refugee but how will my country support their needs. They seek jobs, shelter, and support. Our system can not even afford healthcare for everyone. It hurts me to say that I pick my own country over her people. I take her to the children’s side and direct her parents to the adults section. The little girl asks me how long will it be until she can see her parents. I am unable to answer. The truth is that I do not think she will ever see them again but I can not tell her that.


Day 2: 10:00pm


Peeping through the door there are two children waiting to come into my office to discuss their living situations. I invite each of them in and they immediately start complaining. Juanito can not help but cry because he was finally able to get through to an operative. He murmurs that he is starving and dirty. He smells of dirt and I can see the residue build up beneath his finger tips. I am in disbelief because our system is made to separate families in order to meet their basic needs until we send them back to their original homes. The tiny boys name is Jose, he does not speak much but he too smells and across his cheeks are stained with dirt. Juanito met Jose in the camp and has taken him under his wing. The two stay together to protect themselves from inside the camps. I want to help but I don’t know how. I can see in their eyes that they are telling the truth.

I quickly snap out of this thought because I know what means most to me. My country does, I send the two children back to their assigned stations and urge them to stay calm and that soon they will be taken care of.


Day 8: 1:48am


Today a wall will be built in honor of our safety. A ceremony was held today in our courtyard. Bernardo our president gave a moving speech about patriotism and loyalty. This movement is the best possible outcome for our country. We will all have a home and there will be enough jobs for all of us. No more immigrants. Days have passed since I have spoken to Juanito and Jose but not a moment passes that I do not think about their whereabouts. Are they still alive? Are they still stationed in my unit? I will never know because our system lacks a stable record of all of our undocumented immigrants.


Day 9: 6:00pm


Supplies: water, food, clothing, sleeping gear, beds.

Needs: water, food, clothing, sleeping gear, beds.

Everyday our system is failing these people and our resources are running low. Soon there will be too many to manage. If this happens mmy executive has suggested the idea that we give each group of people enough supplies to make it through the dessert in order to make the long journey back home. They made it here they have to be able to make it back. Some way families are destined to reunite so it makes sense to send these people in groups. This is wrong but there is nothing I can do, I have pledged my loyalty to my country, we are left with little options.


Day 20: 3:24pm


Our system failed, broken families, starving children, and more to be expected. I can no longer be apart of this. It is time for me to resign from my position. I will not be a bystander and watch these innocent live be wasted. We all have a right to live and this is not the way. We hold people against their will and take children away from their families. No longer will I be loyal to a tyrant.



I have chosen to make a modern twist to Mary Rowlandson’s Narrative of the captivity restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson. I decided to follow the same format as the original piece because I think it is easy to read and gives a diary approach. I chose to roleplay as an operative at the southern border for a stationed camp for immigrants. My position in this parody is not a position that I truthfully believe in and therefore should not be taken as a documentation of my political views. My position as an operative is strictly for parody purposes and are not my own beliefs. This is a situation I feel passionate about because my father is an immigrant, he came to America over twenty five years ago. This is an event that is taking place currently and until there is relief for those suffering at our borders there will be no justice. These are people with families that are being treated like bugs and diseases. My role focuses on the inhumane actions from an authoritative stand point. In this parody my character realized that her role as a loyal operative caused thousands to suffer. She knew that in her heart she had to help those that were suffering. She believed that there is a way that these people can be taken care of without entering the country. The point of my parody is to show that we can all help those that are treated unjust. We as a community must stand together, we must extend a helping hand to those in need. I think in order to be considered human we must show empathy. We must be understanding. Above all we have to be genuine.

By: Maricruz Solano

‘Too precious to say goodbye’


The harp was once recognized as a symbol of Irish pride and later an emblem of resistance. This once beautiful and powerful instrument has now declined in value and tradition by the end of the 18th century. Due to the colonization of the Irish people it became an instrument of hope and resistance to the crown. The Irish tried any way possible to keep the tradition alive, the use of the, “hybrid musical” became a way to remember the instrument. This is created by humming.  The harp produces a soft and delicate sound which I think can be angelic. This is a perfect representation for the Irish people because it is soft yet very powerful.

According to Thomas Moore he feels uneasy to the idea that the role of the harp is dying. He loves his country and does not want a piece of his culture to die. He can sense that its time is coming to an end, “This sweet wreath of song is the last we shall twine”. The meaning of the harp is fading but I think it is the value that people hold in their hearts is what should be important. He has accepts that the harp is no longer as symbolic as it once was and he makes sure to say his goodbyes.

By: Maricruz Solano

SF in 2019


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LUCY LOO! How dare you,

SOMA hath need of thee: she is narrow

Of stagnant flutters: altar, sew, and fluidity,

Fireside, the heroic wealth of hall and bower,

Have been sent down and San Francisco

Of inward peace. We are selfish women;

Oh! raise us up, return to us again;

And give us love, virtue, freedom, power.

Thy soul was crafted and dwelt apart:

Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like a symphony:

Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free,

So did she travel freely

In happiness and in glory

The lowliest duties on herself did lay.

Now go get in touch of today.

  • Maricruz Solano

The Maiden in Mariner

By : Maricruz Solano

Iron maiden is a well versed band in rhythm and instrumental functions. They can fluidly play a guitar to make it sound heavenly. The gesture creates originality and expresses forms of authenticity, I believe their music is a form of romantic poetry. Romantic poetry is confusing because at times I think it is only about romance. This is false because romantic poetry is an outpour of emotions. The subliminal messages in the song behind all of the heaval medal is a beautiful interpretation of god, nature, and creations. For myself it creates an emotional boundary that I can resonate with. Although heavy metal is not my choice of music, I can appreciate its message and form of poetry.

The poem itself is sick and twisted which is closely related to heavy metal in this sense. The Mariners dead crew, the rising of the dead, and the murder of Albatross. This is heavy and deep, just like Iron Maiden. The poem is not musically creative but its is interesting in its own ways. They is a storyline and plot twist which captures my attention. Both are different forms of romantic poetry but ultimately both share a powerful meaning in their own ways. This comparison is drastic but it makes sense.



“Oh Jove! O father! If it thy will

That we must perish, we thy will obey,

But let us perish by the light of day”(78).

Equiano thoughtfully warned that the French fleet were aggressively read to attack. Equiano is a courageous slave but he is at times religious. This Is a surprise to me because those that signify with christ have faith and to have faith one must at times be vulnerable to the chance of failure or defeat. Although he has some knowledge about the background of christ I never saw him to be one that will carry on with his religious side. Schooling for a slave? With this I am able to make the conclusion that Equiano feels superior to others and he proves himself to be. For him to recite religious text and quote it is his way of proving his superiority. Equiano sympathizes with the slaves because he too in some way can relate to them through religion. He not only can recite the bible but he also references other great people of the time. Those that are of higher class do not threaten Equiano because he too is knowledgeable. Equiano does not want to remain a slave which is why he is constantly trying to prove himself. He knows that he is not meant to obey, that has never been a piece of him. He was not born into this hence he will not allow himself to remain with the status of a slave. His heart beats with the urge to be set free, he knows this is possible and is a realistic goal for himself with the knowledge that he does possess.


Isn’t It IRONIC ? Don’t you think?—–

I may be critical but not as critical as pope Alexander. He constantly made a public critique against those that he believed to be wrong doers. He didn’t care if you were well know or a common person, he publicized everything verbally. This photo is a depiction of the consequences Alexander faced after publishing his epic poem. Alexander takes on the reference as a “hyper-critic and commentator”. He is the rat that stands on a pedestal that leans on a stack of his works. This is interesting to me because as a slang term ‘rat’ is used to describe a snitch or a person that gossips. Being that Alexandar is ruthless when it comes to criticism this is an interesting way to depict the pope. The pope is drawn to be a low class rat on a pedestal,  how ironic. In the poem the brainless are seen to be the people of high intelligence. There is a mule peeking around the corner with a letter hanging out of his ear but I think it is the artist poking fun at society. We are all dumbfounded at times but that does not mean we are not capable to obtain great knowledge.

‘Not those alone who passive own her laws, [85]

But who, weak rebels, more advance her cause.

Whate’er of dunce in College or in Town

Sneers at another, in toupee or gown;

Whate’er of mungril no one class admits,

A wit with dunces, and a dunce with wits’

Commentary can be brutal and when it is a critique by the pope it can be taken whole heartedly.

Most politicians did not appreciate theses criticisms but that does not mean there was not any truth to them.

BY: Maricruz Solano

Opposites ATTRACT —

It is in our human nature to question. We are animals that can not face the inevitable. As a unit and rise and make a difference but when we are alone it is harder to achieve justice. It is impossible to make a change as someone else’s prisoner. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift uses humor and irony to help his audience understand his false narrative. Swift’s novel takes key elements from the captivity narrative. Swift is taking a chance by solely relying on faith. In this reading there are multiple themes that appear to be a copy of the style and content that would have been seen in a captivity narrative like Mary Rowlandson’s story of captivity by the Algonquians.

..I would not have dwelt so long upon a circumstance that, perhaps, at first sight, may appear not very momentous, if I had not thought it necessary to justify my character, in point of cleanliness, to the world; which, I am told, some of my malingers have been pleased, upon this and other occasions, to call in question..

Gulliver expressed to his audience that he needs to relax and take stress away. He does this by pointing out his own flaws.

Mary rowland used tobacco to ease her soul of all of her burdens, she too had a small means for escape in her cruel reality.

Maricruz Solano

My dear Mary,

My dear mary,

You aren’t very truthful in the words you speak about my fellow breatherans

How dare you shame yourself.

There is no one to blame.

The indians are not savages

I’m sure they use their strengths to pick cabbages.

I pity you

I feel sorry for you

It pains me the way you feel

I can’t believe it’s real.

My dear Mary, you aren’t very truthful in the words you speak

It is in my deepest regards that you are so bleak

How can I change my dear friends mind

Through space, through time?

This isn’t like you to only rely on the power of God

I understand his love for you is rather strong

But don’t blame the indians for their actions.

You think they do this for satisfaction.

My dear mary aren’t very truthful in the words you speak.

By: Maricruz Solano

The untold TRUTH:

Mary Rowlandson “Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson”

Mary chooses to victimize herself and her entire situation. I understand her hardships but I can not only sympathize with her. If I could ask Mary any question it would be, how many innocent people have you seen die that were not of your own kind? The main occuring theme presented in the narrative is the unrighteous death of indigenous peoples. The puritans constantly had the irrational idea that they themselves were the targeted race but I believe it was the complete opposite. Hundreds by the thousands of natives were slaughtered. Through Mary’s own words I am able to conclude that despite of  her lack of knowledge of the Natives she felt in her heart that she was better and to some degree entitled. Her faith is what helped her to stay strong. She was able to keep herself afloat by believing that there was a higher power that was guiding her and protecting her.

By: Maricruz Solano