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captaincooklover1768 Happy College Signing Day! Excited To Announce That I Have (FINALLY) Picked My School! As Of Fall Of 2019 I Will Be A Proud Gaucho! So Excited Of The Adventures To Come! I Will Keep You All Posted On My Adventures As Well As The Struggles Of Being A College Student. #UCSB2023

May 1



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captaincooklover1768 Happy Weekend Everyone! So Excited And Sad To Leave My Hometown Of Merced To Go To School Down In Santa Barbra. Will Be Keeping You Guys Posted How Things Are Going As We Drive There. Not Excited For Such A Long Drive, However, I AM Excited To Go Explore A Whole New Chapter Of My Life. Follow My Journey Both Of My Drive And School Year On Here!

September 22

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captaincooklover1768 I am finally settled into my new home for the 2019 school year. The views are beyond breathtaking and my roommate is pretty cool too. I am so excited for my first day of school. A little homesick but I think it will get better as time goes on. I really want to be focused on my studies so I may not be as active but I will try to keep you guys updated on how I’m doing.

September 27

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captaincooklover1768 Halfway through my first quarter and so far so good. Sorry for not posting as much like I had promised! Been busy keeping up with my classes and clubs. Still missing home but it has gotten easier. After all these midterms I am trying to stress relieve myself by reading my favorite book and enjoying a cup of coffee. I’m definitely not ready for finals. I could barely handle midterms as its. However I am very confident that I will do well this quarter. I hope everybody is doing well with midterm season. I’m so glad that it’s finally over for me. Not to wait for finals. Happy fall everybody.

November 3

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captaincooklover1768 These last few weeks I feel like I have been living in the library. On the bright side, I just took my last final for the quarter.  I am really excited to go back home for the winter holidays to see my family and friends. So far UCSB is everything I thought it would be. However, I am in desperate need of some family time and a proper meal. Perhaps even proper sleep. With that being said see yall next quarter. Happy Winter break everyone!

December 15



I wanted to attempt in recreating John Cook’s Travel Journal. I found it really interesting that although this particular piece of work was not very interesting for us to read, back in Cook’s day this was something that was really interesting for everyone to read. This was basically a very entertaining sort of literature full of journeys and stories beyond anyone could imagine because nobody had been to the places he had been and up until this point travel logs like this one was really the only source of telling anybody what was out there. And to try to put this idea of logging what is going on in someone’s life in modern day, I figured taking a role as a new college student going away from home and logging really important milestones so to speak of your first year as a college student. Picking your school, going away from home, your first day so on so forth.  in order to put John Cook in a modern-day perspective for more modern-day readers, we have to put it in social media or in a way where it is easily consumed by the public. By this I mean John Cook was basically already blogging, however, his was the old fashion way through pencil and paper. He had a harder time getting his work out into the public versus if you did his travel log nowadays we would see it in the form of a blog or a YouTube video so to speak. I think being able to capture that idea of capturing these important moments of your life when you travel or just, in general, is something that Cook did in order to be able to capture what he experienced and trying to let others live that experience through him. And we still see that a lot today with on social media.

-Diana Moreno


A Hopeful Harp

While looking at Dear Harp of My Country by Thomas Moore we can see how Moore creates a strong bond between the speaker and the harp showing the importance it held not only to himself but the symbol it held to his country. Moore twice states in his work “Dear harp of my country…” allowing readers to really grasp the idea that the harp held an important significance to those in his country.

Dear Harp of my Country! in darkness I found thee...”

The first time around this phrase is used it is showing readers the beauty of the harp and its significance to those who which played it as well as heard its song. Not only that but it gives the harp the light at the end of the tunnel feeling. Moore gives the harp in this first line alone a feeling of salvation of hope.

Dear Harp of my Country! farewell to thy numbers

The second time around it feels like a final farewell, almost like an obituary towards a loved one. By creating this Moore shows the emotions and pride the harp brings to his people as well as the sadness it brings to see that the harp is not once seen as how it used to be. And being that his history is one of a musician, we can see how musicians hold certain instruments dear to their harps as they were a part of the creation of some of their pieces. And even though Moore shows and makes the harp feel like a loved one we lost he also manages to show readers how the harp was a symbol of hope to those who played and those who listened.

-Diana Moreno


I wander through each lonely street

Near by where Bear Creek flows

And mark on every face I meet

Marks of despair, marks of sorrow

In every cry of every creature

In every students cry of fear

In every voice in even pictures

The pleading cries for help I hear

How the Students bawl

Every TA disappointed but unsurprised

And the professor whose seen it all

Allows all the chaos and havoc to rise

The silence you hear at midnight

How the older ones regret everything

And the younger ones want to fight

And perhaps graduation gives all these warriors some light

Diana Moreno

Reflecting Thoughts

While looking at Théodore Gericault’s painting an, Evening: Landscape with an Aqueduct, I couldn’t help but really picture Wordsworth’s piece, “The Tables Turned”. This piece starts by what we can only be two friends who perhaps look at the world through different lenses. Because of the two figures we are first presented with I felt Gericault’s painting was suiting being that there are two nameless subjects who seem to be having a conversation of some sort. In the poem our speaker seems to be an adventurer who wants to take their book loving friend out of the fantasy land and into reality. We see this in the first few lines of the poem:

Up! up! my Friend, and quit your books;
Or surely you’ll grow double:
Up! up! my Friend, and clear your looks;
Why all this toil and trouble?

To add on to this the light in the painting seems to be reflecting the same light which our speaker mentions to his friend.

The sun above the mountain’s head,
A freshening lustre mellow
Through all the long green fields has spread,
His first sweet evening yellow.

So although we can’t say if the light in the picture is of evening light we can see the idea of the sunlight spreading its life all over the green and anything in it’s way bringing a feeling in both the painting and the poem of warmth and comfort in a way you would only understand if you have ever sat out and enjoyed the simplicity of the sun and its warmth. As the poem continues we see the speaker tell his friend to really enjoy his surroundings and appreciate the beauty and life that surrounds them and to get out of his head from the books since those will always be around and the beauty of Nature may not. Not just that but our speaker also mentions that they can learn just as much from Nature as they can from any of book. And with the idea of appreciating Nature in mind, let’s go back the the two people in Gericault’s piece. They seem to be doing the very thing Wordsworth is writing about; admiring and learning from nature. Despite the fact that they are by something man made,the aqueduct, they are really in nature viewing the world that has yet to be touched/destroyed by man. And perhaps that’s what both Gericault and Wordsworth wanted. They wanted us to really take a minute and live out of the world which we as men (and women) have artificially created and go back to the world where we are surrounded by the simplicity and beauty Nature naturally creates and to take a brief moment to really learn from the natural.

-Diana Moreno

And People Say Romance Is Dead

Iron Madien’s take on “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” is not your typical take on poetry but then again what is considered typical now a days. While listening to the story of the old mariner and the curse he brought upon himself for killing an albatross, as well as death at first glance it is fair to consider this not to be a Romantic poem. However when we listen closely we see that hint of Romantic we missed at first glance.
And by the light of the moon
He prays for their beauty not doom
With heart he blesses them
God’s creatures all of them too

Thinking back to lecture,let’s focus on those ducks and how we were so fixated on them, really trying to take in Nature. It is at this point in the tale we can see how the Mariner is not just seeing Nature but admiring it and really taking it in the way it is intended in Romantic poetry. Now with the music added to this tale we notice how as the story was told the beat had a steady pace which changed in order to fit the tone of the work as it went on. Along with the images the music video provided it added to the mystical part of the take which our wise old mariner told. Perhaps not your typical take on romantic poetry or rock but nonetheless Romantic poetry in its finest.

-Diana Moreno

The Good Word of The Lord

Now the bible was my only companion and comfort; I prized it much, with many thanks to God that I could read it for myself, and was not left to be tossed about or led by man’s devices and notions.” (Chapter 10)

In Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative readers can see Equiano quote various works of literature from numerous scholars. As a reader of Equiano’s work at first glance we are left to pur own devices to understand why it is he brings up all these works time and time again, especially pieces from the Bible. And as we can see him mention thanks to the fact that he has learned to read he is able to take it upon himself his learning and understanding of readings and works (in this particular quote the Bible) and does not have to just rely on someone to convey on him these works or interpret to him their meaning. He has his own ability to make out what they mean to him and how he chooses to interpret them. Not only that but by bringing up the Bible in particular throughout his work shows his readers at the time that he was a believer in Christ. It sets the mood with other fellow Christians reading his work showing that like them he has read the word of the Lord and he, get this, understands it. Not just that but he understands that this could be considered almost law to al, believes and nonbelievers. By being able to gain readers trust in interpreting and displaying different works we see how Equiano uses it to his advantage to not just paint away from the fact that he is different from them and he has gone through slavery but to show them that under the word of the Bible and other works they are not much different but rather very much the same. And when the day comes everyone meets their end only one person will judge and not see color of skin but rather the actions taken by one they will see that they are all one and the same.

Diana Moreno

Bullying Is Bullying

One thing is safe to say, people can be cruel. Regardless of the form of attack an attack is an attack. Which is what we can see Alexander Pope’s work The Dunciad do, as Pope criticizes writers to which he believes and considers to be dull, stupid, and corrupt to name a few. And while Pope decides to attack writers by using words we can see people fight back through images. As we can see in Image #2, fellow attackers have decided to ridicule and attack Pope by giving him what seems to be a mix of a rat and an ape like body hunched over some books. Now while neither party has anything nice to say about the other that doesn’t stop them from their right of free speech. However these actions of publically attacking one another made me think of the following line from Pope’s work,

My sons! (she answer’d) both have done your parts:
Live happy both, and long promote our arts.
But hear a Mother, when she recommends
To your fraternal care, our sleeping friends. [440]

Pope is praising the idea that people should live in the arts and share it but do it in a mindful manner where one is caring, considering that perhaps those you are addressing will not be aware of the work and those who publish the work are not aware how the person the work is addressed to will feel/react. To me, this is ironic considering his very work is attacking his, “sleeping friends” instead of caring for them. And although we see his “friends” attacking and ridiculing Pope through an image where not only they display him as a strange animal but they also poke fun at his health, in this case the hunchback he has due to illness at a young age we also see them attacking his literary ability by displaying his works and a look of confusion on his face almost like as if he himself were not to understand what he is writing or just literature in general. Regardless of how they are attacking each other both parties are attacking each others literate capabilities as well as moral ones. Going down to the lowest attack being personal looks and health, Pope and his “bullies” seem to not care about any boundaries as long as they get their point across on how and why one is worse than the other. Regardless of how you look at it, to me both are equally as guilty for bullying, although one perhaps plays the victim card better than the other.

-Diana Moreno

These Strangers Like Me

Being people of habits we do not fail to look and compare that which we know to what we do not know. We judge and want to intervene, but it is hard to make a stand when you are, in a sense. someone’s prisoner. We can see Gulliver judge and compare his fellow captors lifestyle to his own in Part One, Chapter Six (VI) where we watch Gulliver comment on their laws and how they were very like his own. Not just that, but like Rowlandson, Gulliver is placed in a scenario where he is having dinner with the majesty. Both captives are sitting with their captors having a formal dinner, which is odd considering the situation but at the same time, this showed both Rowlandson and Gulliver that their captors are not much different from them. This dinner scene, although is very like Rowlandson, only reiterates the idea that despite the fact that their captors have them with limited freedom, they are not treated inhumanly, and not just that but that they are viewed by their captors by something much more than just mere prisoners. Although both Gulliver and Rowlandson are poking and comparing the way their captors are to the way in which they live their way of life, both basically saying they are like me but not like me, Rowlandson took it in her hands to still consider them in a way, less than her. Through this scene, Swift uses his craft to not only mimic Rowlandson’s dinner scene, but to show how there are strangers like us who if perhaps we took a damn minute to really analyze and try to understand them we could see they are not much different than we would like to pin them down to be.

To My Sister In Christ

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williamapess1839 After reading @maryrowlandson1711 ‘s narrative I have two things to say. First off, my condolences for everything you have been through. To anyone who has read your work they know the horrific events you went through and frankly no one should have to go through something so horrid. With this being said, it leads to my second point on asking you why? Out of all people, you seemed like such a God-driven woman in Christ and yet you do not see me or my people as one and the same? And yes they did wrong you at first but tell me was that your experience the entire time? Did they not keep you alive? God will punish and judge those who have sinned but sister tell me why are you doing God’s job? You of all people should know that God puts us all through our own trials and tribulations for a reason and that it is the same God who created and loves us all equally. It is the same God who gave his only son to die on the cross not just for you but for ME as well. For all of us. Mrs. Rowlandson, perhaps I did not understand your tale the way you wanted me too, perhaps I did. Perhaps one day we will be able to meet and fully discuss your experiences and I can understand the way in which you view things. But remember this, at the end of the day there is one God and he will judge us ALL equally.



Diana Moreno

The Real Victims

If you’re a human with emotions, Mary Rowlandson’s narrative will strike you’re emotions before you looking at the overall picture. Watching as Rowlandson speaks on her experience with war,death and being captive, any readers first reaction is to feel bad for her. Like we mentioned in class, on a human perspective we feel sorry for all that she’s been through since we can only imagine what it feels like watching your children get shot then die to name a few of the things she went through. However when we turn off this emotional lens and begin to look at it from analytical perspective you begin to realize that what happened to Rowlandson was terrible but is it fair to say she’s the real victim?

While reading Rowlandson’s interaction with her native Algonquian captors as readers we need to constantly remember that she is a woman who needs to keep this standard so she isn’t viewed down upon. With this in mind it just shows how her whole narrative only complicates the history of intolerance with the indigenous people. We see Rowlandson judge the way the natives are and rationalizing it with the fact that they aren’t people who have been lead by God or the bible so what more can she expect? She witnessed scenes of war and death caused by their hands, and to any reader at the time this was published scenes like the first one we read where it described her initial capture would only reinforce to readers that indigenous people could not be trusted. And this would only be more so on the fact that they weren’t like them. We rationalize what we don’t understand so of course in this case it is easy to play the victim and show the world, well they aren’t like us and this is why so let us hate and judge them for living their way of life the only way they know how. The only time we really witness Rowlandson not judge them as much is when she is genuinely interacting with them. Thinking about the fact that one she was once offered to be helped to escape and two her captors kept her alive, was it fair to call her captors wolves? To really make herself seem and play victim when her time in captivity really doesn’t seem all that terrible.

Like in Dryden’s work this narrative just shows and complicates interactions. In this sense on a religious note as well as just in general not on culture. Yes it shows indigenous people to not be as terrible as they claim, yet it also shows that because they are different they aren’t to be trusted. It’s like don’t follow God or read the bible, well that’s a shame and explains why you’re terrible people. Keep me alive and show hospitality? Yeah that’s cool but you’re still different and not like the common white man/woman so you’re really not as important as I. In the end it really falls down upon the fact of showing that of course the people with more power are right and everyone else is wrong. It’s showing how much we refuse to understand people’s differences and their way of lives. If we don’t understand something it’s automatically wrong. But with this in mind who really is the real victim? Rowlandson who “suffered” and went through a great deal or the indigenous people who regardless of what has been said and what we have seen were oppressed and looked down upon for being different and not following the word of the Lord?


Diana Moreno