The Given Seven

Prepared to spew a bomb,

It’s a kid with his mom.

Dinner they ate far apart,

Because he has a broken heart.


Why is our family oh so small?

Our family is a perfect size,

Can’t you see with those two eyes?

But is it only you and me, against it all?


We have five, five angels now in heaven.

But why must our family be so broken,

Sorry if I sound to have misspoken.

If you believe, we are seven.


But we never eat together.

A family is strong, no matter what.

But the future is not always clean cut.

I guess we’ll never be altogether.


Guess again, my little one.

If I’ll never get to see them, 

They’re nothing but a secret gem.

Oh, like father, like son.


Don’t you ever miss dad?

Every day, in the morning blue,

But all I think about is you.

Does that make you sad?


Never because he keeps us protected.

How come if I can’t see him,

All this is oh so grim.

Child, we are all interconnected.


I just wish that he was here.

He is to protect us forever,

No matter what endeavor. 

But his just nowhere, far or near.


Although he may be gone,

He would want us to be strong,

Because life keeps running along.

Now that’s something I can’t impose on.


What’s that you meant from the start?

Yes, regardless if they’re in heaven,

We are the given seven.

I now have to hold them, close to heart.


Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Edgar, and Lance.

All of them want you to cheerful,

Even if life is oh so fearful.

Let me take this one new chance.


Now, you see our family not so small?

My eyes were just so shut,

I surely feel like a butt.

This is our family, all in all.


Thank you, mom, I now understand.

I only want the best for you,

Because I’ll be here, through and through.

I really just needed that helping hand.


Now they feast with so much glee,

Not so blind for those we can’t see.

Because regardless if they’re in heaven,

They are the given seven.

I wanted to give my own intake on William Wordsworth’s, We Are Seven. It was an amazing peace on how a simple child who holds his loved ones so dear at heart, regardless of him not knowing of the afterlife, he still acknowledges their existence. In my take, I wanted to use the same scenario, but with a child that know about death, and who hated the fact that his family is so small. He knew that his family suffered a tragic accident that costed the lives of his father, grandparents, and dogs, Edgar and Lance. The mother, comforting him, made him realize that his family is still a huge part of him, but they lie solely in his heart.

Even if they’re not here physically, what matters more is what influences they had towards the child and what lessons they managed to teach him prior to their passing. Everyone hold family dear to their hearts, and death will always be inevitable, but that doesn’t mean that family should be accounted for just by physical attendance. Memories can truly establish a person and that is the message that the mother wants to give to her son. Nothing is meant to be forever, but that is what makes everything so much more cherishable in life.

I began and ended with the AABB sequence, but went with the ABBA sequence within the conversation of the child and his mother, to be able to differentiate the narrator from the characters.

– Stephen Muñoz

One thought on “The Given Seven

  1. I appreciate how there was a dialogue within the poem it was easy to read and showed how innocent and naive a child’s mind is. I also liked how this post spoke about keeping the deceased alive and that they are “always watching over us” it gave a sentimental feel to the poem.
    -Carmen Ibarra


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