A Tribute To Nipsey Hussle (An Imitation of William Wordsworth “London, 1802”)



I created a presentation that resembles a modern tribute video that imitates William Wordsworth poem “London, 1802.” The original text is a sonnet, yet with an octave and sestet. The rhyme scheme is aabbaabbacdecde. The author wrote this poem around the 1800’s for an English audience that was blind and fooled by the English men tyranny and stupidity. The setting is in London and the poem describes the hardships of living in a society that lacks manners, freedom, and artistic work. Wordsworth decided to include John Milton as the hero and savior for the English society. However, I made some alternative choices to the work of Wordsworth poem by using my poem from the previous blog post. First, I decided to keep the same rhyme scheme because I wanted the poetic virtues of Wordsworth poem to transcend and create meaning over time. Second, I chose to create a tribunal presentation video (slides) that would adhere to a modern 21st century audience instead of a regular poem or analysis of the poem. I believe this decision is reasonable because the modern audience desires images, media, and graphics as a form of communication. Next, I chose Nipsey Hussle as the person I’m dedicating this tribunal because he was a great community leader and rapper in South Central, Los Angeles and advocated for the empowerment of black youths. Also, I chose the community of South Central, since it lacks government funding, hectic police brutality, poverty, and high rate crime. I wanted the message to be clear about the hardships and changes that South Central needs in the community. Then, I decided to incorporate an inspirational video of Nipsey Hussle that might resembles Milton’s admiration of literature. I used pictures that depicted police brutality, Hussle’s achievement and social justice movement, poverty in South Central, etc. Since the original text consists of an octave and sestet, I used that separation frame to include the octave lines as the problem in South Central and the sestet lines as the mere achievement of Nipsey Hussle. I thought it would resemble Wordsworth poem scheme and create a modern version for the 21st audience. The switching of the colors such as the royal blue and the dark background with a splash of blue resonates Hussle’s colors and emergence of South Central. Lastly, I added music like the tone of wind/breeze to demonstrate the peace South Central needs to restore. Furthermore, this presentation should be televised because it’s a modern alternative message that captivates the audience to make changes in the community.

-Priscilla Ortega

One thought on “A Tribute To Nipsey Hussle (An Imitation of William Wordsworth “London, 1802”)

  1. This post was very interesting because it was able to compare something of the past to modern circumstances. Nipsey Hussle was a pillar of his community. The post appreciates his life but also connects his impact to the past.


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