Victorville in 2019

Reckless, self-centered, stupid president;

Celebrities, useless to mankind, who go

Through the public eye looking down on everyone as insignificant;

The government neither cares nor knows what we all undergo,

Yet they all depend on the minorities to remain significant.

One day it will all be gone, and everyone will just outgrow.

We see with our bare eyes people starving and dying;

The military freely seeking their next innocent victims,

And for anyone who attempts to fight back, there’s no winning.

Hopefully one day we can open our eyes and realize all the chaos.

Hopefully one day someone can help the helpless.

I recreated the poem England in 1819 by Percy Shelley.

Carmen Ibarra



One thought on “Victorville in 2019

  1. I keep reading about how our country is powerless. This poem has the hopeless feel to it and it is insane that a whole nation of people can have this hopeless feeling and still feel completely powerless. Together I think we can change what we don’t feel is right.


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