London 2019 or “The London Eye”

attraction black and white black and white buildings

The London Eye

By Christopher Ingle

Inspired by William Blake’s “London”

I sat upon the river Thames,

A wondering tourist was I.

Though Frommers often does condemn,

I gazed upon the Wheel’s Eye.


This Eye I gazed was everywhere,

Its stare was cold and bleak.

Its watchful gaze was full aware,

To protect the helpless and weak.


“It brings us peace” said men in blue,

“a triumph of near perfection”.

Yet deep inside I knew it true,

That few had brought objection.


This watchful eye in London town,

Its gaze is long and broad.

For it sees the common and the crown,

To fight unjust and fraud.


Though the eye is always gazing,

as far is left as far is right,

I feel my mind slowly crazing,

As the eye watches into the night.


I know not who can see me now,

and yet upon the London sky,

hidden cannot be my face and brow,

from the ever watchful London Eye.



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