The Land of “The Free”: America 2019

By: Katherine Hernandez

I have recreated the poem “England 1819” By Percey Shelley.


An orange goblin, ignorant, hateful, with a vendetta for supremacy;

Presenting no balance to a country who claimed to value “equality.”

Through dirty money, scare tactics, and rigged polls,

The voice of the people was stripped three winters ago.

The face of a nation that now is seen as an embarrassment,

To all who know its name;

Spewing hatred, erasing history with racist lies,

As people claw, crawl, weep and live cold desert nights

For a chance to a better life.

With horrid mocks toward all minorities,

And selfish attempts to engorge the lives of those who already live like royalty.

No semblance of Justice, Equality or Honesty;

A society that feeds off his toxic energy,

In times where it seems we must fear authority,

There will be a light that shines on the backs of those

who created this land off tooth and bone.

Lady Justice will blow the final horn,

And Lady Liberty will follow,

To guide all of us into the future,

Into a place where we can reclaim our Home

Into a better Tomorrow.




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