Percy Shelley’s Philosophy in 2019

[Please note that this is a parody of Percy Shelley’s “England in 1819”. It places his philosophies and constructs in the modern world and satirizes them.]

A sad, angsty, bewildered, misunderstood, and frustrated boy

Romantic at heart, the product of a fortunate face and a mischievous mind, that ponders

The integrity of social justices; How God walked the halls of University,

Knowing not the dissociation between his love for knowledge and his unwavering hold on power,

Calling it blasphemy to marry the arts with the scientific

Segregating a love which only the Socratic could call lust.

How far would you wander to see the two consecrated?

Born again through your ideals, as a product of your own romances?

You knew not of Camus, nor Sartre or Bataille; lingering yonder in the morrow

Nor how they two would hide their ideals between their teeth;

A lie bound tightly by what the “Virgin” Mary would call promiscuity

Borne again through Creatures and Monsters, playing God between graves

“But behold,” still you preface, Frankenstein in hand, “This touches not the philosophical. Nor the modern day, somewhere in the distance.”

-Savie Luce

One thought on “Percy Shelley’s Philosophy in 2019

  1. Savie, can I just say YESSSSS! As you can tell, I have enjoyed reading this blog post. I especially enjoyed where you said that “A lie bound tightly by what the “Virgin” Mary would call promiscuity,” it was amazing. Great blog post, hope to read more from you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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