An edgy parody of William Blake’s London

I drive thro’ each charter’d street,

Near where the charter’d Creek does flow,

And mark in every face I meet,

Snapchat filters, hitting the Whoa

In every cry of every man

In every woman’s ear,

A tiny voice: a tattooed man,

No orchestral taste I hear

How the adolescents cry,

Attention not a dime,

And the hapless adults sigh,

Crocodile tears, on the timeline

But most thro’ midnight streams I hear

How the youthful dunces curse

Blasts the new-born viewer’s ear

Ignorance: with which the world bursts

-Shawn Pintor-Day

One thought on “Merced

  1. The most original idea about this post is that social media is associated with ignorance. I agree with this fully and completely because when you go on twitter, any thing political in nature is ignorant to the other side’s point of view. To further develop his idea, I suggest maybe removing some meme references and inserting some other specific examples like Family Guy apologizing for gay jokes because everyone has become so sensitive.
    -Oliver Briggs


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