Merced 2019

This is an imitation and modern adaptation of William Blake’s “London”:
I wander thro’ each smoggy road,
Near where the specks of dust do flock.
And mark in every bag I load
Marks of aches, marks of pocks.
In every car of every lane,
In every driver’s cry of stress,
In every mind: in every pain,
The overwhelmed schedules, I digress.
How the workaholics yelp,
Every morning appalls,
And the hapless slaves receive no help
Feeling trapped within occupational walls
But most thro’ morning streets I see
How the youthful students also tire,
Blasting through each day, each tree
Also blight with plagues just as each new hire.
–Jose Ramirez

One thought on “Merced 2019

  1. This is about how people live everyday doing the same thing. Wake up, go to work, go to sleep and do it over again. Doing the same thing everyday is not the way one should live and this poem points out the mundane lives of all the people who live in Merced who live this way because they do not have a choice, the choice is made for them by the society we live in.


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