Los Angeles, 2019.

Inspired by William Blake’s London.

He walked along the boulevard, eyes glued to his phone as he watched the world crumble beneath him
An elder man mourned the day people weren’t glued on their phones
forgetting that he too relied on them

At each passing step, the world continues to crumble
News filled with horrors and neverending stresses
They mourn the destruction of a church but turn their heads at the bombing of others
Kids out on the streets protesting for what’s right
Eat the rich! Save the earth! They chant

Mothers across the globe cry out as their children are torn from them
People scream pro life and turn their heads from those starving on the streets
The climate is changing, the president a fool

But when he looks up from his phone he’s met with the stresses of daily life
Rent, school, family issues, cloud his mind
but he continues walking.

– Lou Flores

One thought on “Los Angeles, 2019.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog post. The thing I liked the most from it was the ending as it really captured how stressful things are and how it would seem like people ignore problems when in actuality they have their own things to worry about it. An improvement I think that could have been made would be more details as your post seems to only skim the surface when it could have dug deeper in its criticism.


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