Flint Michigan 2019,

A rendition of Willum Blakes’ “London” reflecting how well he capture the sorrowful streets of London.

By Ashley Jackson

Seek I search through each narrow lane

Near the hall of fame

Nay the frame of the fame, failed to persist

For the all left trying to resist


With every smack of the lips

Or beg of the babe

Through the dusted shadows

They all cry out in pain


Oh how the steam puffs nevermore

Even the priest have gone afar

In search of a whore

With a teat full of water


Blasphemy says the orange incumbent

While the children dent their height

Tonight no other shall rest

Till the will for well is recovered

sunset cup water drink

Photo by Meir Roth on Pexels.com

4 thoughts on “Flint Michigan 2019,

  1. This poem made me thirsty and I felt the pain through the words. The poem calls out for a solution and it’s emptiness is felt.


  2. The most original idea here is that Flint has no water and nobody is doing anything about it. I am ecstatic that someone chose this to be deemed a relevant topic. I think that if the author included the ridiculous things that people are paying attention to as if they were more important than Flint, it would further develop the author’s point.
    -Oliver Briggs


  3. The application of William Blakes’s London into the modern world was done very well. It brings forth how these dilemmas have evolved. Perhaps incorporating statistics into the poem would further its point.


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