Amerikka in 2019

I wander through American streets

Near the so-called land of the free

And in every corner I can see

Memories of the lynchings on the trees

At every corner people cry,

At every corner children run

At every corner they still try

The youths lives here are no fun

Oh, how the mothers scream

Out of fear that their son may never be seen

Hoping for their lives to gleam

Another victim of a family gene

But on nights like tonight

How the sons continue living their lives

Blasts their calls to fight for their rights

Amerikkka is the modern plague

One thought on “Amerikka in 2019

  1. I’m not sure that I picked up on what the poem was actually referencing. I believe it was talking about the youth who fight for a country not worth fighting for? I think it’s because we are raising a society of people addicted to electronics and focused on matters not important in life.


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