America in 2019

I have recreated Percy Shelley’s sonnet “England in 1819” to fit today’s American society through our current time, space and circumstances.

“America in 2019” 

An old, orange, ignorant, and Soulless President;

democratic or republican, the illusion of a democracy, who enslave

Through mind control, – dirt from Mother Earth’s soil

Rulers who use others to See, Feel and to Know,

But they claim they worked for it themselves

Till they begin to die, to burn alive, without a fire.

The sensitive and the innocent abused, tormented and sacrificed;

An army of mental slaves, mindless and controlled

humanity on our current timeline controlled through

anything that alters our current state of consciousness: music, movies, drugs, and sex

anything that limits how much we See, Feel and Know;

Makes a double-edged sword, laws like Karma coming back

Mind control that cannot be seen with your two eyes – Karma coming back.

A democracy, Time’s best illusion, unveil –

Zombies from a glorious Phantom

Bursted, to ingest the demonic parasites through the

subconscious programming of your mind.

Karma coming back – Wake Up.



  • Brianna Barajas


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