The Most Powerful Drug of All; Love.


Poetry can be analyzed in different ways, it can even be analyzed differently by the same person based on whatever is occuring in their life at the moment. Similarly, the concept of love is also analyzed differently by different people. For some, this could be the love between two people, for others the tight bond of family, and for some the beauty of nature.

When Love begins the reader is transported to a place of ruins. The speaker of the poem, is sitting on some rocks overlooking the darkness. When I took a look at this image, I immediately though of the poem Love because of it’d depiction of a ruined manor in the background. In the ballad, the speaker is having a conversation with his lover, whereas in the painting the man on the left is also having a conversation with the woman. We soon find out that the speaker in the poem is telling his lover a story about a knight. This knight was heartbroken, until he saved a woman one day, and she fell in love with him.

I think that Love was trying to express just how powerful the emotion of love can be. If we look back onto ancient literature, love is the driving force for tons of characters in history. Love is what started the Trojan War, Love is what kept Odysseus from going insane, but also Love is what inevitably killed Samson. In the painting, we see several breaks between the darkness and the light. Similar to how love works. Love can feel like a beautiful thing, yet it can also tear you down. Both the ballad, and the painting show a representation of the emotion of Love.

– Arturo Raudales

2 thoughts on “The Most Powerful Drug of All; Love.

  1. I found it interesting how you said the poem is testifying to how powerful love can be. You provided great outside evidence. Now, show how love is powerful inside the actual poem. How her fear and her love are mixing here.
    -Oliver Briggs


  2. I think it’s interesting that love was thought of when looking at the painting. I think that love is the force for many of the things that occur at least that’s what I understood from it. I think using some quotes from the poem would enforce this claim about love.


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