Day N’ Night

A word is worth one thousand pictures. The Lyrical Ballad of Love can be different to anyone who chooses to interpret it. Everyone shares different perspectives and ideals when it comes to the concept of Love. Love itself can be represented as an emotion, amongst many others. It can paint way more than what it lets on. In the painting above you see light and darkness split in two. You see darkness standing over light as it wears bright and vibrant colors. The further away you stand from this painting the more you lose focus on the two individuals shown in the painting. The more you stand further away from the painting the more you see the world in which these two individuals live in. The beauty, the sky as it intertwines with the brightest yellows and the lightest oranges. As Love begins, the speaker is illustrated sitting near some ruins. The individual in this painting sits in darkness on some rocks.

As the ballad goes on the speaker is seen to be sharing a particular story with his lover. In the painting, the individual seen on the left seems to be sharing or informing (based on the hand gestures being shown off in the painting) their significant other. The speaker shares the narrative of a Knight who was heartbroken for a long period of time. That heartbreak slowly came to an end when the Knight saved the woman and she fell in love with him because of it. Through this narrative I see that the speaker was attempting to make the reference of love being one of the best feelings in the world and also the worst. Throughout his many years of being heartbroken the Knight finally looked love in the eyes. This word is worth a thousand pictures. Love is the thing that keeps you up at night. As shown in the painting it can bring you as high as you’ve ever been, build you, complete, or it can tear you apart, destroy you, and make you question everything you know.

You’re split between light and dark. You’re split between the good and the bad. Everything good that comes with love can be overshadowed by the bad, by darkness. The Knight stayed up all night wondering what went wrong for years. Love is sacrifice, it’s respect and selflessness, love is the thing that makes your world worthwhile. Your days without them seem so much longer and your years with them seem so much shorter. The colors being used in the painting symbolize romanticism. Everything that is further away from both individuals are out of focus while everything closest to them is bold and significant. In a way it shows their travels and how far they’ve come from the past as two separate individuals joining as one to clean up the mess they’d left behind without context. Both in the poem and in the painting we find two individuals coming together after a long time of self reflection. Both the ballad and the painting share the isolation between both individuals represented in both pieces.

by rosalinda flores

One thought on “Day N’ Night

  1. The most interesting idea is Romaticism’s relationship with both the light and dark, and how that is reflected in both painting and poem. As to improve, the author should replace the summary of the text with quotations. A summary not only clutters the work but doesn’t provide evidence for that interpretation.

    – Daniel Rodriguez


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