This painting looks like the lyrical ballad Love. The most obvious parallel is the ruins on the left side of the painting, the ballad begins with the speaker sitting next to some ruins. The ballad is about the speaker’s lover. He is telling her a story about a knight who is pining after this woman for many years. It was not until the knight saves her life that she wants to be with him. After he is finished with the story he holds his lover. The poem is very Romantic in its ideals of a knight who strays from society to save his damsel. The colors in the painting are those of a sunset, which sets a very romantic tone. The city I the painting is blurred, while the ruins are very distinct. Romanticism is very focused on unique qualities rather than conforming with society. Therefore the clarity of the ruins speaks to the Romanticism. It also aligns with the ballad because the lovers are isolated. Then there are the two people at the bottom of the painting. They are doing their own thing and minding their own business, much like those in the poem. I find it typical of the Romantic era because the people are dressed simple, not seeming concerned with anything monetary.

-Oliver Briggs

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