The Maiden in Mariner

By : Maricruz Solano

Iron maiden is a well versed band in rhythm and instrumental functions. They can fluidly play a guitar to make it sound heavenly. The gesture creates originality and expresses forms of authenticity, I believe their music is a form of romantic poetry. Romantic poetry is confusing because at times I think it is only about romance. This is false because romantic poetry is an outpour of emotions. The subliminal messages in the song behind all of the heaval medal is a beautiful interpretation of god, nature, and creations. For myself it creates an emotional boundary that I can resonate with. Although heavy metal is not my choice of music, I can appreciate its message and form of poetry.

The poem itself is sick and twisted which is closely related to heavy metal in this sense. The Mariners dead crew, the rising of the dead, and the murder of Albatross. This is heavy and deep, just like Iron Maiden. The poem is not musically creative but its is interesting in its own ways. They is a storyline and plot twist which captures my attention. Both are different forms of romantic poetry but ultimately both share a powerful meaning in their own ways. This comparison is drastic but it makes sense.


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