The Good Word of The Lord

Now the bible was my only companion and comfort; I prized it much, with many thanks to God that I could read it for myself, and was not left to be tossed about or led by man’s devices and notions.” (Chapter 10)

In Olaudah Equiano’s The Interesting Narrative readers can see Equiano quote various works of literature from numerous scholars. As a reader of Equiano’s work at first glance we are left to pur own devices to understand why it is he brings up all these works time and time again, especially pieces from the Bible. And as we can see him mention thanks to the fact that he has learned to read he is able to take it upon himself his learning and understanding of readings and works (in this particular quote the Bible) and does not have to just rely on someone to convey on him these works or interpret to him their meaning. He has his own ability to make out what they mean to him and how he chooses to interpret them. Not only that but by bringing up the Bible in particular throughout his work shows his readers at the time that he was a believer in Christ. It sets the mood with other fellow Christians reading his work showing that like them he has read the word of the Lord and he, get this, understands it. Not just that but he understands that this could be considered almost law to al, believes and nonbelievers. By being able to gain readers trust in interpreting and displaying different works we see how Equiano uses it to his advantage to not just paint away from the fact that he is different from them and he has gone through slavery but to show them that under the word of the Bible and other works they are not much different but rather very much the same. And when the day comes everyone meets their end only one person will judge and not see color of skin but rather the actions taken by one they will see that they are all one and the same.

Diana Moreno

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