The Good Christian

This captivity narrative is a true inside look into the horrors of slavery. In this narrative, Olaudah Equiano integrates quotes from many famous English works and the Bible. When he quotes a famous English work, he picks a certain section of that work that was meant to be applied to all men equally, but is not being taken seriously by society. In the first chapter, he uses this quote from the bible:

“who hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth[K]; and whose wisdom is not our wisdom, neither are our ways his ways”

This quotation is referencing when God created man. When God created humanity, he created them ALL in his image. This quote says that even though he did that, he left humans on this earth trusting them to act morally in his image. However, Equiano is using this quote to point out that humanity is failing at that right now. He is using the faith of his targeted readers to garner their sympathy and force them to open their eyes and take a look into their faulted societies. He knows that during this time period, a lot of laws and the structure of society itself are based on the moral teachings of their religion. In this passage, he points out an area of the Bible and basically says “what about this teaching?” This teaching of the Bible is very important because God gave his children the freedom of will and he expects them to act in his image. Equiano points out that God would never partake or support such a cruel practice as slavery. So, why are the people who pride themselves on their good Christian values participating in a practice that is basically the devil’s work.

-Oliver Briggs

3 thoughts on “The Good Christian

  1. The focus of your post is around Equiano’s use of the Bible in his narrative and how he is criticizes his readers due to their actions. Using the important moral values that the bible has is the whole basis as to why he can judge his reader. In addition to the points you have made you could also consider the complexity or hypocrisy thats is added when we consider that Equiano himself owned and sold slaves as well.
    -Ashley Jackson


  2. One of the most striking things about this passage is that it exploits Equiano’s tendency to hide ulterior motives in his sources. Moreover, the fact that you have identified an example of how a quote— praising God and his creation of Humanity is being used to criticize Mankind— can represent duality in how it has changed contexts is fascinating. I think one of the best ways you could strengthen your argument is to possible quote or study other examples of sources Equiano uses in his Narrative.
    -Savie Luce


  3. The focus of this post was how equiano used the Bible to get his point across about slavery. The post used bible verses to prove Equiano’s point. I think the argument could’ve improved if the writer would’ve been more concise.


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