Genre to Conquer

Equiano’s implicates known English writers and abolitionists in an effort to restore and defend his claims to strengthen his own validity. Equiano appropriated the English language as a whole by containing the ability to present his literary status, even beside his troubling childhood. He was then able to coherently express the timeline of his life and individual reflection into a much more dense frame, that often seemed to contend with other various writers. Through reading and paying close attention to his autobiography, I found that he was often known to primarily expose the approach behind the English Language. Towards the end of the eighteenth century and beyond, the English language tended to be honored as the imperious move that essentially brought the world together as one. The English Language in and of itself came along with very well articulated phrases that compellingly illustrated Equiano’s timeline.

Later into the autobiography, we are shown his views on the subject of slavery. It is important to point out that Equijano’s narrative showcased and eventually helped establish the genre of the slave autobiography that soon enough encouraged Fredrick Douglas. Truth be told, those who were often persecuted within the English Language, were the main groups (particularly people of color) who grasped and apprehended the many attacks written during The Enlightenment. English was a language that was becoming more and more comprehensible to outside countries as well, which later became a somewhat popular and universal language of literature. Expressing the intimidating stature that is English Language, it often upheld and led to being conquered by those who were often exposed to its prejudice.

-Rosalinda Flores

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