Because I said so


Equiano obsessively quotes books and theological works because he is able to establish a real foundation from the problem. The problem in this case is the egotistical educated men that are mercilessly enslaving his people. He quotes their words, to keep them attached to the facts of persuasive essay. In the U.S court case Standing Bear ex real. Vs Crook, Standing bear during his closing statement holds up his hand to the court and states “ if this hand was to bleed it would bleed that same color as yours would”. During this time he is trying to make a connection with the judge trying to give them physical that aligns their perspective with his own. Olaudah is doing the same in an attempt to form connection with his readers in hope to gain a common meeting ground. Using their words he is able to at least draw their attention to facts they already understand, but just not in that particular understanding.


-ashley jackson

One thought on “Because I said so

  1. The substantiation of your claim with an actual court case in your assessment along with discussing the discrepancy between colonists and indigenous people is very fascinating. My main critique is just that there is not more of it. The work is very succinct but comprehensive with significant depth, but it still has room to better illustrate the points presented regarding differentiation and isolation of the other.


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