The Interesting Narrative does not solely serve as Equiano’s autobiography, but as a carefully planned rhetoric to indict the atrocities of slavery. To this end, he references the bible and various English texts for a dual purpose. He first wants to distinguish that he is not dissimilar from Europeans so that the reader is more inclined to listen to what he has to say. Secondly, after establishing himself as worthy of basic humanity, he establishes himself as honest and intelligent so that his words are accepted more readily as truth.

To this end, Equiano describes his home before slavery and likens his country men and their customs to the Jews before they reached the Promised Land. This reference specifically, is not only an attempt to humanize his oppressed people, but in likening his people to the Jews before reaching the land promised to them by God, he not only humanizes himself, but takes a stab at the hypocrisy of European religiosity. Despite emphasizing morality based on the bible, they themselves are oppressing the equivalent of the Jews. In doing this, Aquino is attempting to make himself a Moses like figure trying to guide his people out of the desert of slavery.

-Kevin Martinez

2 thoughts on “Addendums

  1. The focus of your post is too look at a deeper meaning of Equiano’s biography, this deeper meaning is the fact he used this biography as a tool for European attachment and criticism. An interesting point you make is Equiano is relating to the actions of Moses as in freeing his people from the repressive actions of their masters. In addition to the points you have made you could also consider how Equiano fails to really link with the his European audience.
    -Ashley Jackson


  2. This post focused on Equiano’s bigger theme which was how slavery was wrong. This post proves how Equiano used the Bible to get his point across. The post also focuses on how equine humanizes himself and those who were slaves.


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