HELLO! You’re not perfect either!

After going over Alexander Pope’s “The Dunciad” and lecture notes I believe that the most appropriate image to use would be image #2. This image was used to academically ridicule Pope and satirize his work to the fullest, in this image Pope is shown as a small hunched monkey, and the satirist refers to Pope as “A P E”. Out of the three images I felt like this one had the darkest satire because the fact that the monkey was hunched illuminates Pope’s own illness of Tuberculosis. I feel like the artist used satire in describing Pope as a monkey for two reasons because 1) that would take from Pope’s credibility but also 2) he is using Pope’s illness and ailment against him. In “the Dunciad”, Pope does criticize other authors so I feel like the satire in the image is used to say, “HELLO! You’re not perfect either!” It is evident that Pope isn’t perfect and the artist may have took it too far bringing up his illness but I think another thing worth noting is the fact that the Roman Catholic Church was mentioned. Pope was known as a follower of the Catholic Church, but even then he was treated sort of as a second class citizen and evidently not respected. I feel like the image illuminates Book 4 because it fires back at Pope’s judgements and seemingly encourages him to humble himself.

I interpreted footnote 2 as satire because Pope is calling out those who “see things that don’t exist” I feel like here is an example of him undermining or even criticizing someone else. In image #2 I interpret the image of being an attack, but an appropriate one focused on literary battle. Pope went on a back and fourth battle and indeed shots were fired. Pope seemed very egotistical and this image definitely was used to shut it down!

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