Bullies: The reflection of society?

Although the poem itself was awfully difficult to read, I would say that image #2 does its best to represent what Pope was conveying in his poem. As we read through the notes and his biography we learned that Pope was definitely not “fitting” in society (whether it was his physical aspect or his way of writing.

Pope said in his poem:

“Beneath her foot-stool, Science 10  groans in Chains,
And Wit dreads Exile, Penalties and Pains.
There foam’d rebellious Logic, gagg’d and bound,
There, stript, fair Rhet’ric languish’d on the ground;
His blunted Arms by Sophistry 11  are born, [25]
And shameless Billingsgate 12  her Robes adorn.
Morality, by her false Guardians drawn,
Chicane in Furs, and Casuistry in Lawn, 13 
Gasps, as they straiten at each end the cord,
And dies, when Dulness gives her Page the word. 14  [30]”

This is well connected to the picture because as people were making fun or attacking him through these images, he was getting back at them by criticizing the society they are coming from. This is being understood when he saids “Beneath her foot-stool, Science 10  groans in Chains,And Wit dreads Exile, Penalties and Pains. There foam’d rebellious Logic, gagg’d and bound” he is throwing some type of shade were even though one is surrounded by all these logical ideologies, one decides to harass someone because of their “defects”. In a sense I get a “looking glass” perspective (Apess) in Pope’s writing as he tries to tell his bullies that before coming up with these images and degrading him not because of his constructive criticism, but towards his physical appearance they should reflect and re-analyze themselves.

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