On Captivity: A Letter to Ms. Mary Rowlandson

Dear Ms. Rowlandson,

The story of your captivity was all at once heart-wrenching and soul-sickening. While some may, and for admittedly good reason, feel for you for having undergone such a horrific experience with the death of your family and destruction of your estate, it seems from your rhetoric and blatant hateful attitude towards the people that housed and fed you that others may have developed a strong distaste of you for equally good reason.

Ms. Rowlandson, your disdain and hatred of the Native people’s of this land, given unto us by God, is all at once cruel and misguided. You denounce the Native man as human, and for what reason? The color of his skin? Is his hue the only determining factor in his civility and compassion for love? One would, after reading your account of the generously hospitable conditions which you were afforded, think not, and may in fact infer that the native man be closer to compassionate (and, because of this, closer to God) than any intruder upon this land who would scorn those who treat her as a friend.

The native people have suffered much; the Native man has dealt with unspeakable oppression, both of body and spirit, at the hands of settlers who seek only to destroy His ways and imprint upon the land their own doctrine of misguided “love” and White virtue.

Ms. Rowlandson, you are a child of God, learned in the ways of the Lord Jesus Christ, and because of this, I implore you: search deep within yourself for the wisdom of The Lord, let Him connect you with the brothers of the land you desire desperately enough to kill your brothers of spirit. Relinquish this hate burning in your soul, the hate that destroys the Native man, the hate that defines your actions, the hate that drives you further from the Love of God. Only then will you truly be free from your own spiritual captivity.

-Shawn Pintor-Day

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