An Ode To Mary

By: Katherine Hernandez

Mary, Mary, My Dear Mary


The way you think

Is awfully



The empathy that exists

In your heart

Is only shown

When you face strife


Kindheartedness that turns to ice

When your eyes

Fall on those

Who do no look the same as

You and I


We have done nothing to let them

Show us their potential

We have been



Mary, Mary, My Dear Mary


You use our God

For times of struggle

Rightfully so,

You have faced so much trouble


But we have left

The ones who care for the earth

Without any compassion

Faced down in a muddy puddle


Religion is no excuse

For the sadness that lives

In the souls

Of such people


They share

The same beating heart with us

They paid you for your work

While we broke their families and enslaved them first

Mary, Mary, My Dear Mary


Find it in your heart

To change your mind


Find it within your soul

To not be so cruel


Have a change of heart

And within yourself the spirit to



We are meant to coexist

And to live, love and survive

No matter how we look

What matters is what we carry inside


2 thoughts on “An Ode To Mary

  1. I think this creative writing piece is a strong example of the literature of power because it promotes the idea of sympathy towards white people. While the native people have good reason to be very upset with colonizer’s, this approach of sympathy and care is important so white people can understand where they went wrong.


  2. This is honestly so good!
    In my opinion this is the literature of power because the medium is one that is easy to follow and one that can be used and understood over time. The poem itself is written really well and is able to make one think about the overall point of Apess’s writing. It’s a calm, yet, poignant take on the contradictions between Rowlandson and Apess. The end of this poem ties it all together:
    “We are meant to coexist
    To live, love, and survive…”

    – Maricruz Rivas


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