Two Sides to Every Conflict

Rowlandson’s narrative complicates the history between the natives and the English. Rowlandson accepted her faith, after a while, she believed God had it planned out for her and she would let everyone know what happened once she was okay and no longer suffering. But that is not how many people who had gone through that saw it. These individuals were afraid and scared for their lives, they most likely didn’t believe this is what God wanted for them. This only made it worse for the colonizers, they knew people or were aware what individual had to go through the same faith they had put Native Americans through. There had to be some understanding that they had it coming, they did it first, they caused so much pain and death.

I’m not saying it is okay but what these pieces hide or hint at is racism. Dryden’s The Indian Emperour was full of racism, making it seem as if colonization is actually okay by romanticizing it with Cortez and Cydaria. Dryden makes it seem like colonization is the only way to help the natives and it needs to be done. While Rowlandson makes the natives appear as the bad ones in this situation, shooting at her and her family, and not providing her with food. Although what the natives did was wrong they were not the bad ones from the start, the colonists put themselves in this situation, they were put in a situation where they had put so many natives in before. I believe this makes the natives look worse, maybe they wanted the colonists to feel the same way they felt but getting them in that same situation was a mistake. It shows them as individuals who had no empathy or understanding, it is inhuman to do the same thing that was done to them. Both, colonists and natives, were in the wrong and appear to be racists towards each other. They seem like children trying to blame one another, neither taking responsibility for the things they have done, especially the colonists. They blame the natives when really they ‘started it’ and won’t own up to what they did. It all appears to be more complicated and contradicting to the colonists but the natives should have known, ‘fighting fire with fire’ was not a good thing to do and was not the only option.

-Sandy Morelos

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