Surveying the Literature of Power

Pretend scenario (10-15 minutes):

You are an instructor for English 102 responsible for preparing a course survey reading list that extends from the mid 17th century to today, April 2017.  You must pick ONE of the three authors (listed below) who best fits the English 102 course description and learning objectives.  In other words, you, the instructor, must choose ONE representative reading that tests De Quincey’s idea of the literature of power according to three key questions:

“What is literature?”

“What makes literature English?”

“How did some of this literature become good?”

Please explain your choice in terms of the learning outcomes listed in the 102 syllabus.  The author with the most votes will win an English 102 prize certificate for mastering the literature of power!

Three authors to choose from:

Marcy Martinez:

2. Ana Diaz-Galvan:

3. Christopher Luong:



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