Mutability by ArchaicA

***The video posted below is my creative project for ENG 102. Please give it a listen and enjoy… even if you don’t enjoy heavy metal.***


The song that I chose to imitate for my creative writing project is “Mutability” by Percy Shelley. The word mutability means “a likeliness to change” (a very brief definition) and I took to heart what the word really meant for me. For me, mutability made me realize the mental illness that I suffer: depression. While, from what I’ve heard/noticed, depression is common among some college students, many of my friends have pointed out that my depression may be manic. For those who don’t know, I’ll explain it briefly. Essentially, someone with Manic Depression will have expansive changes in their moods; often having very high days and very low days. Some parts of my music video show me full of energy, bobbing, “head-banging”; and other clips show me standing more still, walking through crowds alone simply because there are moments where I want to be alone.

However, I wanted to reflect on something different about the style of music I chose for this project. Yes, it’s metalcore (heavy metal). It involves a lot of guttural screams and barely any singing; lower tunings on guitars and basses; and a speedier hits on the drums. Earlier in the semester we discussed Iron Maiden and their imitation of a lyrical ballad and I was completely excited to get into the analysis of the song. I decided to pick this as an imitation to compare to Iron Maiden and represent the change of Heavy Metal and it’s style over the course of the last several decades. Heavy metal has changed from being melodious to what was aforementioned. Iron Maiden delivers “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” in such an epic fashion that you feel energized with every moment. My version of “Mutability” creates a more brutal, in-your-face approach; forcing that energized feeling to become more aggressive in nature. 

Conceptually, everything changes; everything is mutable, and Shelley’s poem really inspires me to represent what’s changing in our world and why it changes in the way that it does… if that makes sense.

And yes, I am playing  right-handed guitar upside down.

— Drew C. Guerrero


2 thoughts on “Mutability by ArchaicA

  1. Drew!

    I really enjoyed this. your deep connection and obvious passion made this work very striking. I like the way in which you redefined the work you chose for inspiration. Lots of great work was obviously put in.


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