I knew you were trouble when you crash landed

By Johnathan Swift

This one is dedicated to anyone’s who`s  ever been done wrong by a man

I went out on a boat

Gotta wife and kid at home

But I think there’s more out there for me to see…

It’s time to pack up and leave, get wrecked with some friends and

Then try and figure out where I can possibly be.

I guess my friends left me and headed to the west

They`re just jealous because they know I’m the best

An island to myself, this aint too bad.

Just need a honey to share this place with

This song for you too girl, don’t be sad


With a body like that who needs a mind

Give in baby, it’s just a matter of time.

If you really want to do the best for your kind

Give it up, give it up, give it up, your mine.

[ Beat Intensifies]

Welcome to the land where the geniuses roam free

all of this to enjoy untainted beauty.

Even with all this boundless beauty, girl all I see is you.

…Oooo girl…

With that long flowing hair and a mane like a waterfall

I only seen you from behind, but girl I know you got it all

I’m running through these fields to get closer to you

Girl don’t be shy, show me what you can do 


With a body like that, who needs a mind

Give in baby, it’s just a matter of time.

If you really want to do the best for your kind

Give it up, give it up, give it up, your mine.

Girl you know we were meant to be

Name one person here that’s better than me

When you turned around, your big brown eyes stared into my soul

Oh damn you a horse… I gotta go

Is this some kind of magic trick?

You smart and all but your body too thick

Man I’ve been played

I was in love but now you a beast

…. It’s time to get slayed

Come on you`re smart, so scientific

I know you want to be like me, just so terrific

I’m sure you can find a way to fix that face

Go on, be a part of the superior race


With a body like that who needs a mind

Give in baby, it`s just a matter of time

If you really want to do the best for your kind

Give it up, give it up, give it up, your mine.

Maybe I shouldn’t encourage you

Go on and fix your face, you’ll still never be part of the crew

In our minds you`ll always be the yahoo

Yeah, I know this may sound mean

But there’s a reason why God only saves the queen

Dear, Reader

I pulled my inspiration from The Lonley Island Boys which I believe originated from the digital sketches on Saturday Night Live. The band uses topical humor and guest stars to introduce their brand of raunchy comedy to their audience. I tried to make this like a kind of failed love story parody that mimics the crude rap songs in today`s media. Although advocacy for gender equality his a very popular topic in our society at the moment, rap songs still continue to portray women in this inferior state. I compared this issue of gender inequality to Jonathan Swift`s depiction of the Houyhnhnms and Yahoos when Gulliver encounters them in Gulliver`s travels.

These lyrics depict Gulliver as a rapper of some sort and shows how he sees the Houyhnhnms as such an advanced race, but only through the mentality that they are comparable to humans. This reflects how these rap songs put women on a pedestal while objectifying them. It makes it seem like a man`s success is defined by how many women are attracted to them and the ridiculously misogynistic traits that they believe women find attracted. This is exactly why I depicted the Houyhnhnms as an undesirable woman who has been objectified by a man yet the man still craves her attention just as Gulliver craves the attention of the Houyhnhnms even though he still is unable to completely accept these animals as superior beings because he is still holding them to this standards scientifically advanced humans. The chorus expresses the notion that the both women and Houyhnhnms are both subjugated to the standard that mankind is the dominant species and regardless of their vast intelligence and advancements that they can offer the world it will still always be better if man took over the mantle as the superior being. The second verse is a direct parody of love songs and how girls are described in a really vague way so that all girls can identify with that girl being sang about. My interpretation of Gulliver`s travels and his interaction with the Houyhnhnms is that he feels superior to them even though they are super intelligent begins. If they are anything but white males he looks down upon them. This is the colonialist ideal that I try to portray in the chorus. Like women are objectified and thought of as something that you can own in today`s music. Gulliver looks at the Houyhnhnms in the same way. He expresses the Eurocentric mindset in saying that maybe if the person that he is directing this to “rather woman or Houyhnhnm” looked like him, he would except them. The song then dives deeper into the mindset of a European male in the 18th century by essentially saying if another race adopted the traits of European culture, or assimilated, then they would still not be accepted so what`s the point in trying to force them to. As we have learned throughout the entire year, forced assimilation and integration of European culture and language into other countries is a dominant theme in many of the texts we`ve read. These lyrics expose this issue and reveals how this never leads to equality, but only promotes more problems. As for the form of the song, it can be sung with any rhythm that the singer pleases. I did however, greatly admire Swifts idea to let the horses name fit the sound that horses make.  I did include a line in the chorus that alludes to the song not just being a satire about a horse-faced girl, but about the Houyhnhnms as well. The chorus is about how women and Houyhnhnms should give up trying to be a contribution to society with their intellect and basically let the men take over, but the line “Give it up, give it up, give it up” is also meant to mimic the galloping rhythm of a horse. Overall, the piece is meant to be considered from the egotistical point of view of Gulliver arriving in every land and expecting to be praised for his status as a white European male; this idea is also made obvious with the closing line which refers to British royalty.

-Kamani Morrow

One thought on “I knew you were trouble when you crash landed

  1. Yes, absolutely creative and thought evoking. I love your use of rap to reset the message that Swift attempts to convey: how other species seem absolutely foreign and intriguing, because of his perspective of himself. -maricela martinez


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