Executive Poetry

To Donald, from Freedom

When anger with confined borders

Levitates within the Wall,

And my angelic Donald orders

To tweet at yall;

When I stand freely on this soil,

And liberated by this war,

The demons that make us boil,

There will be another four.


When flowing antifa run wildly round,

with no worry of arrest,

Our eyes consume the societal wound,

Our heart yearns for the countries best;

When the swamp gets murky and deep,

When everyone expects services free,

Quality goods aren’t cheap.

There will be another four.


When the cameras are rolling,

With smiles of joy we laugh,

The youthfulness, colorful, humor,

And glories of my president;

When I shall voice aloud how good

He is, how Great America should be,

Cruel people, seek American blood.

There will be another four.


Stone walls will make protect the state,

Extreme vetting on the terminal;

The path to America is straight

If you are not a criminal.

If I have been prisoned in my anger,

And in my country I am free,

The Don soars like the eagle above,

Enjoy the four more.

To America, Going Republican

Tell me not, (Sweet) I am bold,

That from the tower,

Of my penthouse filled with gold

To international super power.


False, a breaking news story I hate,

The enemy of the people;

And with a haste I underrate

A tweet, a headline, an article.


Yet this harmony is parallel

As our nation becomes secure;

I joyfully ride this carousel,

Because the right is the cure


DEAR Drums of my country! In ruins I found thee

The cold hearted politicians feast quietly on prey

When loudly, my own whistle blowers, unbound thee,

And gave the people victory, freedom, and dismay


The global system working together as one,

has been enslavement of the people:

But eyes in the sky which we can not outrun

The heaven on earth escaped from the steeple


Dear Drums of my country! Farewell to the corrupt,

This great tune wealth is the start of reconstruction

Go, eyes open with encouragement I conduct,

Till released upon those equally worthy of production


If the heart of the patriot, conservative or liberal

Have throbbed glancing at lady liberty

I’d bet they support being backed by shiny mineral.

And may you be saved from drinking bitter tea.


Firstly, my imitation of “To Althea, from Prison” was inspired by Richard Lovelace’s loyalty toward king Charles. For the most part, Charles stood on the side of the common people and tried to protect them. This instantaneously reminded me of a modern situation with the newest successor of power in America, Donald Trump. Lovelace’s setting was speaker is in an English Prison convincing himself that he is freer than ever. Since America is the land of the free I decided to use the setting freedom rather than prison. In the first stanza I took the readers to the political stance of a President Trump supporter. I used words such as angelic, freely, and liberated to show freedom. While using boil. Levitate, and confined to show negative attributes of this American freedom. In my second stanza I continued to show negative attributes of freedom such as domestic terrorist group antifa, the swamp of bad politicians, and the socialist ideologies. In the third stanza I change up the mood with the positive of the somewhat imprisonment of the Trump reign. I continue to show delight towards President Trump as Lovelace frequently does. Each of the last three stanzas are followed by there will be another four. This shows the sentiment of the free society. Lastly, the fourth stanza The successful first term comes to an end and the public enjoys four more years of freedom.

Secondly, my imitation of “To Lucasta, Going to War” was influenced by the honor of war. In my poem I talk about war between political views. For instance, the setting is the Trump in his tower showing its glory of wealth and power. Furthermore, in the second stanza displays the war between conservatives and the liberal misleading news. Third stanza shows the harmony of America as conservatives enjoy the up the ride of Trump presidency. Moreover, I used right wing spectrum to demonstrate the joyful life of a republican in modern times.

Thirdly, my satire of “Dear Harp of My Country” was influenced by the drums of the infantry in the American Revolution. The Irish Harp similarly played an instrumental role in politics and society. I took the opportunity to continue on my policy poetry. In the first stanza I start off with the modern political chaos of America. When the crooked politicians get put on notice by brave media leakers the people are given victory. Moving onto the next stage of darkness in America which is the enslavement of globalism and technology moving toward a medium in which it can govern and spy on people. There is heavens that can stop to globalism. However, like the Irish Harp the American Drum is the expression of freedom. Thus an act of victory has occurred and every American can release the shackles of globalism and celebrate with gold backed currency. A possible short term solution for globalism.

-Dario Lomeli


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