Emperor Trump, and the Conquest of North Korea.


The Media critiques! All our elected officials.

None are sparred, not even the President, whose actions are either horrible or beneficial.

The president wants to take action against North Korea, either by force or diplomacy.

A young leader also wants to show his strength and keep supremacy, and most of all protect the Kim legacy.

The president faces backlash abroad and at home, even ignores the UN and congress, the media and his own team.

Yet without hesitation, the President invades Korea and within six months of a bloody war, the US topples a regime.

Outrage from the mainstream

On the bloodshed and the bloodstream.

The president must decide what steps to take,

Let the dictator live or have his head on a stake.

All are watching his next move, for it will either be smart or a mistake,

The whole world has been so shaken when there is so much at stake.
The year is 2019, and the U.S. has defeated North Korea in a bloody battle. The U.S. has also captured Kim Jong Un, the current Marshall of North Korea. President Trump has ignored the U.N.’S advice to have Kim Jong Un tried at an international court. President Trump feels that since the U.S. won the war they get complete control of North Korea, and therefore should be able to decide Kim’s fate. The president’s military/foreign affairs cabinet see an opportunity to dismantle China’s South Sea fleet and maybe even change the government’s influence. However, they must convince the American public that China is the one waging war with the U.S. Trump’s administration will create a series of unfortunate events and blame China. However, Trump seeing that his approval ratings are at an all time low decides it’s best to cause as little bloodshed as possible. Therefore, they propose having a strategic war using diplomatic means where the U.S. changes China’s government into something more to the U.S’s liking. The CIA starts a series of assassinations on China’s top officials and the road to invading Russia seems close.
Act 1, Scene 1

The scene White House Oval Office.

Enter Mattis, Pompeo, Spicer, and Trump

Trump: What news do you bring me?

It better be the truth, the liberal media follows me, and Fox covers for me.

Mattis: Mr. President, I would never lie to you, but North Korea is simply the first step in world domination.

There are now more opportunities available for our greater conquest.

Maybe invade China, showcase human rights or cause chaotic events and rally the nation.

Think about it we could set bases closer to China, there would be no armful protest.

Then invade the government and control the resources,

Continue into Russia no remorses.

Trump: What do you suggest?

Mattis: If we remove China out of the equation,

Only Russia will stand in the way of world domination.

I suggest invading China, and dismantling their government.

They can keep communism, but we are really behind their new government.

Spicer: We could say that the people overthrew the government,

And say they were fed up with thee establishment.

Pompeo: I could send some of our guys and hit their top leaders and say it was some Chinese Rebel?

Trump: Just get the job done nothing special.

Trump: Sean, what do you suggest we say to cover this up?

The press will be up my ass if they find out about another damn war.

It’s bad enough that I give them the silent treatment and no follow up.

I told them if they want peace get ready for war.

Spicer: I could tell them, that China wants Kim to go free, but we want him to pay, even though they don’t want Kim at all.

Make up something similar to the Border wall.

People will think China will want to go to war due to the death of Kim, and we can use the death of Kim as part of our excuse.

When they discover the truth, simply call it fake news.

Trump: Spice, I like where you’re headed.

Pompeo, Can you send some guys and take care of Kim?

Pompeo: Mr. President, anyone can be hit and now that we have him,

Whose to stop us?

Trump: Good kill Kim, and use him,

Lie to the public and make them believe we are invading China because they wanted Kim.

China can keep their communist party, 

but the government is really working for us.

Sean, also make up a story, about the CIA gathering information about China trying to steal Kim from our captivity.

Mattis, destroy a US ship and make it appear as if it’s China to blame for the atrocity.

Invade China’s government, but keep the communist party.

Guys, get to work and think sharply.

*Mattis, Pompeo, and Spicer leave the room.*
Act 1, Scene 2

Scene: Kim sits in a top U.S. security jail cell in some remote region and is writing a letter to the UN and President Trump for his reasons for staying in power.

Enter Pompeo in Kim’s jail cell

Pompeo: Hello Kim, I hope all your accommodations have been met.

Kim: They have thank you.

Kim: I’ve written letters, can you deliver them?

*Pompeo reaches over grabs the letters and puts them in his jacket*

Kim: I’m sorry for what I’ve caused to the world,

I was doing it for my people.

However, standing up against the U.S. I will always remain bold.

I am a God amongst people.

I will remain a leader until my death and will never bow before a man like Trump.

I may have been defeated, but your country can never take my pride.

I can still hear the heart of North Korea pump.

Even through Korea’s divide I knew I was on the right side.

So if this is my last ride,

Let the world know that when the U.S said ‘death to North Korea’,

North Korea definitely replied.

Pompeo: Kim, there is no denying your pride,

However, I didn’t make the ride

To discuss or confide,

But merely give you death: by your own bullet or pill. Suicide.

I have two items: a gun and cyanide.

Your death is really important so you should decide.

*Kim stares at the ground for a minute, and then points to Pompeo’s gun*

*Pompeo leaves the room and closes the door, and a bang is heard*
Act 1, Scene 3

Scene: Trump is in his Oval Office.

Advisor: Mr President, part 1 of the job is complete says Pompeo.

Trump: Good. Call Mattis and tell him to initiate the attack in the sea.

Soon we will have World War Three.

Formal Analysis: I wanted to parody John Dryden’s The Indian Emperor and for that I decided to use the current Trump administration’s issue with North Korea and compare it to The Conquistadores in Mexico where they caused a lot of bloodshed because the Aztecs fought them for control. I even used Dryden’s style of rhyme and used an ABAB pattern.

Montezuma represents Kim Jong Un, as the Spaniards didn’t agree with his way of governing or the Aztec way of life in the same way the U.S. doesn’t agree with North Korea. Trump represents Cortez. His administration represent Pizarro. Kim Jong Un, just like Montezuma refused to bow down to Spanish rule or kneel before their conquerors. Kim Jong Un dies with his pride and the war still continues.

-Ben Montes


One thought on “Emperor Trump, and the Conquest of North Korea.

  1. I like the way you have chosen to make this poem political and modern. I think the work you chose to mimic is perfect for this use. Your poem is well done while being original but also paying tribute to the original. Nice!


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