Elsewhere in the Grand Canyon State

Girl! Arabella! I have so much to tell you!

There is this state in the United States called Arizona, you know the Grand Canyon State. Along with desert and cacti, there are so many Indian Reservations here, and something was going on with water, but we haven’t had trouble getting water. Of course my father understand how much I need to be hydrated. Anyways it’s so amazing, were staying in Phoenix of course. It’s so hot here, but I can take some credit for that, I mean I am a sight to behold how could the weather not change based on my presence? One day as I was sitting on South Mountain above the city of Phoenix, I spotted by my glorious eyes, my bae. As he stepped out his Jaguar, he was dazzling,  he had on some Ray Bans the aviator ones of course, that black Ralph Lauren shirt I got him a few days ago, and some Versace boots. As I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.” How could my bae not be rich, he needs to buy me expensive things, I am a queen and should be treated as such. Of course you are one too, but you know I’m in the U.S. Remember Arabella, “Diamonds are a girls best friend.” Did I tell you he was on the cover of Forbes magazine this month?

Anyways we have already been here for a few days, my dads being going to countless business meetings, he keeps talking about reservations and water. The colossal buildings in downtown Phoenix are truly a sight to behold, I mean besides me. At night the dazzling and flashing lights accommodate my selfies for Snapchat and Instagram, not Facebook cause you know that’s for old people. I don’t want my dad commenting how beautiful I am, I hear it enough on a daily basis. I just want to be a simple girl in the world, you know? Of course Arabella if you ever come down over here, I assure you you must stay on the bright side of Phoenix, you may get lost if you go on the sides with boarded up houses, trash on the streets, it’s so dark there. I don’t understand how hard it is to pick up after yourself, apparently they didn’t have the right resources to get the job done. Truly its such a simple fix. We only drove through to get to the Downtown area.

Oh Arabella, I wish you could feel and see the beauty here. There are countless of glittering, radiant geodes, the luscious lavender color looks gorgeous in the sunlight. The cacti, the crystals, Himalayan salt relaxing lamps, bracelets, and earnings! Oh! and by the way the turquoise looks great on my skin, maybe I’ll send you some.

Remember Arabella, life is always good!


S. G


For my creative assignment, I really wanted to focus on important class and political actions we constantly face in our society. Hartly House, Calcutta is a great representation of many problems that although we may not pay attention to still exist today. As we know the protagonist was very egotistical, I rally wanted to recreate that with a sort of materialism that really demonstrated the class gaps. This past March, I was able to visit my grandpa in Phoenix, Arizona one of the main things I noticed as were passing around the downtown area, is on one side there is a major poverty line, and not the other side there is so much wealth. There is a lot of reservation problems, Native Americans are being persecuted because of their land. Sometimes they aren’t even allowed proper access to water. Phoenix is very popular with the tourist despise the fact there are many dangerous areas. Even though I am not from Phoenix, we visit quite often, and we know how the ropes go as if we already live there. Arizona is well known for its gems and rocks, many times people only go for what they can buy. Hartly House, Calcutta really inspired me to take the route of what is really going on. Just like Sophie I only lightly touched on the problems, but at the end of it leaves one with questions about Native Americans and the water situations. There are more important things to talk about besides materialism. As we seen in Sophie’s letters, she was obsessed with the materialistic world , and always failed to see what was really important. This is so relevant to today, it’s pretty disturbing how much people actually don’t care about others besides themselves.

-Viviana Ojeda


One thought on “Elsewhere in the Grand Canyon State

  1. The parody of Gibbs work, definitely allows the audience to look at one’s own behaviors and descriptions when explaining what new place they saw. Similarly to Sophia when she visits India, you showed how a new place seems so fantastical and intriguing. -Maricela Martinez


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