6th Email to Arabella

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From: Sophia102@mail.com

Subject: I have no signal (that’s why I’m emailing you)

Hey, I had no idea how I would tell you all this information in one single text message, I tried but I had no signal (and I have AT&T why am I paying so much for zero signal)  so I decided to email you instead. Brace yourself for this will be a long email. I will be detailing my stay in the beautiful city of Los Angeles. The lifestyle here is truly basic so basic that I might even run out of things to write; there is no time for spa days, gym days or vacations in a place where day to day work is so important.

The family that is hosting me usually prepares breakfast at 9:00am. Since I can’t stand being alone I am waiting at the table at 8:00 am. I usually pretend to do homework but in reality have nothing to do. Mrs. Hartly is up to date on all the drama and I live for that. I am so glad that I have things in common which such respectable people. It is much different than the crowd you’re used too being around.

The fashion here begins with tank tops much like the city we are from  (by the way they do not wear waist trainers here) they carry large purses with those cotton candy like keychains attached to them and  huge sunglasses that cover about half their face they do however keep up  with all the new trends(highlighting, countering you name it):however, there is nothing more you can add. The fashion here deserves to be on the cover of the Daily Mail on Snapchat, this is expected though, once I tell you that in the morning the men here come visit at random times (they wake up early to ride their Chevy Cameros ). I cannot remember the last time we had breakfast without any visitors —they flirt so much they seem so honest it’s obvious they don’t lie and honestly they can warm any girl’s heart. I know few of them have noticed me, especially some millionaires. I expected them to be interested in a girl  with potential like me. Not, you, but a pretty girl dressed in a white maxi dress, jewelry, and all that good stuff that is super pretty.

You probably think, that, in this happy and draining place women don’t care about the industry: but guess what? you’re wrong because the women here are so into designing it’s their hobby.

At around noon we have brunch which basically consists of everything you’d see at a Thanksgiving dinner, after eating everyone does their own thing and gets dressed for the day. Every one here is important and wealthy it is unfortunate that you won’t be able to experience anything like this…thankfully you have me and I can describe it to you.

The hairstylist makes everyone look so good and those who don’t want to have their hairstyles wear cute caps that create a sporty yet chik look (caps are in style right now). Caps can be paired with denim, leggings and even shorts. In terms of hair color Ombre and Balayage are so popular right now. The transitioning of hair colors is so beautiful; in my opinion natural hair is better but considering hair styles change so quickly it would be impossible to keep  the hair natural. Since you don’t attend these social events it is easier for you.

When I first got here around 3pm which is the time I usually get here, the visitors where in the patio where the outdoor lights are set up. The place is furnished with expensive leather designer couches. I know you’re used to sitting in folding chairs, but here hanging out is a big deal. There are so many important people here. I got to meet many congressman who are very influential many of them own properties in different countries you’ve never even heard about.

Well Arbella I have to go, I’ll text you later (if signal permits) I am sending a few pictures of the makeup, clothes and hair I saw here which I am assuming you’re unfamiliar with.

To Potential Readers,

This excerpt was my attempt of recreating some aspects of the novel Hartly House, Calcutta by Phoebe Gibbes. I focused on letter VI from Sophia to Arabella in the novel but also included various quotes that highlight Sophia’s feeling of being superior. I decided to add some humor to this letter to further emphasize the way Sophia overlooks all situations. Her sense of entitlement prevents her from looking at the “bigger picture” in every letter she writes.  Thomas De Quincey’s hypothesis regarding “the literature of power,” which, for him, cannot be reduplicated, imitated, or parodied without losing its force to move readers emotionally might be significant for some pieces but in this piece I challenge that statement by writing an imitation of Letter 6 in the form of a parody. I attempted to keep the same format and some of the “formal” language. Sophia uses a lot of run-on sentences and loves using commas. I did that in most of the e-mail. I believe that stylistic choice helps show how eager Sophia is to show off the lavish lifestyle she is living. My imitation payed homage to the letter and novel in a negative way because it shows how superficial  and arrogant Sophia is. For example in the letters she references people such as Shakespeare even though she do not directly engage or analyze his work. In my modern imitation I included refrences to congressmen and millionaires because they can be seen as important people in modern society. In my imitation Sophia simply mentions those important people but is not directly associated with them, but they still make her feel superior to Arabella. Stylistically I wanted to keep many similarities used in letter VI for example I looked up the definitions of “fashionable undress”, “clothing stays”,” “white muslin”, “repast”,  and”girandoles”. Once I looked at pictures and definitions of those words I tried to substitute them with words that are more common in modern time. I believe that including a close meaning of those descriptive words   helped keep some form of originality even though the imitation was a parody.


-Luz Zepeda


One thought on “6th Email to Arabella

  1. I thought your post was really funny and creative! I liked the way in which you recreate the blatant ignorance that is apparent in Sophia. i think you did a good of of keeping your work very close thematically to the original while making it modern.


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