Abroad in Indio #Coachella

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OMG, @Arabella, I am so done! #Coachella is the most beautiful place I have ever been to—so hippy, boho, and even hipster! I am in awe of it all—and like Jack Black in that movie Gulliver’s Travels, I find all the artists and crowds around me so tiny and so claustrophobic, that I get overwhelmed when I look at everything. You know, about my anxiety, when I see too many people and too many things all at once. The #hipsters went to go see Radiohead first. I tagged along because my curiosity got the best of me, and I’m #open-minded so _’why not’___ #YOLO TBH I have mixed feelings about Radiohead…I wanted to see Tove Lo but I would had died in the crowds, like I told you before. Anyways, Radiohead was not that bad because no one goes to see them. It doesn’t mean that they’re not good, it’s just that they’re #indie. It’s a new term I picked up at this music festival LOL. From the Sahara tent, where they were playing, I walked to the Coachella main stage, which was approximately a mile; I never want to commit such a feat of exercise again #dead. By then it was sunset. I saw the most beautiful #hipster of all time; he was like the emperor of hipsters; he looked like a tan Ashton Kutcher and his other fellow hipsters followed him around as he went to go see Hans Zimmer. OMG Arabella, Hans Zimmer is like this composer who is famous in film, you’ve probably never heard of him. #whydoIevenbother. The hipster’s black rimmed glasses were reminiscent of a 1960s Clark Kent, and like his hair was as glossy as my Louis Vuitton purse. He just added to the beautiful scenery at Coachella; it was like he was made by a marketing brand just to make Coachella look better. He had to be a model…from something…His Sperrys were so clean and polished; I could not see a speck of dust on them. I would have given the world to be his boho goddess. I asked this guy handing out water what he thought of Coachella. He side-eyed me, but didn’t say anthing #rude #maintenanceperson. I saw seven Coachella animal statues in the weirdest shades of pink, orange, red, and yellow. Some people took photos of themselves in front of these animal figures, but I didn’t bother. I thought it was #toobasic for me to do, and I’m way more complex than that. I saw the #hipster by this giant statue thing and it was by far the hottest thing my eyes have ever encountered. @Arabella his Pategonia hat was as black as the sky descending into nightfall, and he retrieved a #gopro from his camelback. How introspective he must be to film his experiences at a #HansZimmer concert! He was a real heartthrob; I experienced butterflies just at the sight of his jawline, and perfect symmetry of his face. I’m not going to lie…he looked at me #threetimes. Anyways I got to go, but so far Coachella is the best experience of my youth. #nostalgiavibeskickinginalready

xx Sophia Goldborne

(Jessica Mijares)

Dear Readers,
Hartly House by Phoebe Gibbes inspired me to write the short story as an instagram post.  I felt that Sophia Goldborne’s diary entry correlates greatly with modern-day materialism and social media.  Whenever she discusses her interest in a different genre of music that is unpopular to her, she expresses her curiosity with a “#”.  I wanted this to have a comedic effect, so I placed an influx of hashtags within the post, in order to emphasize an elitist outlook she expresses to Arabella, and I made sure to put @Arabella in order to maintain a sort of twenty-first century epistolary style, because I think an instagram post for a friend would highlight this kind of candor.  I especially wanted to make sure that Sophia feels she has more knowledge of the music industry and the type of people in it, because of her singular experience at Coachella.  Much like Sophia in Hartly House, she focuses on what is materialistic in society and glorifies it to the extent that it seems like the most important thing on her venture.  I personally have attended Coachella, and I feel that it has focused less on the music, and only wants to make a profit through social media.  This has had a major affect on my interpretation of a modern-day Sophia, so much so that the “hipster” she desires, who seems entirely foreign to her, in actuality is idolized only by his essentials, like his Patagonia bag, go-pro, and Sperrys.  I felt Coachella documented through instragram was relevant as a parody, since Sophia in her journey to India desires whatever is materialistic and valuable, rather than focusing on the culture and people.  This can be applied to even people who actually attend Coachella based on its significance on social media rather than of the actual music festival.


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