“A Girl’s Looking Glass for the World” (Creative Writing Project)

I feel it necessary to provide some insight to my fellow humans who all share my eventual fate. Death shall be death no matter who it comes to, for we are all part of the human race. We are all the same in this one sense, yet it appears that today the same people who share my fate wish to be the ones who deliver it upon one another.

Now I must ask, how does it feel to be able to see the heinous acts happening among us today? Is there ever a chance that we will be able to stop the constant prejudice happening within our own race? Are we simply doomed to kill ourselves off at this point? We enjoy amusing ourselves with thoughts of civility through our workings of politics and merely ignoring the rest of the world in hopes that maybe it will all just go away. If only for a few moments, allow me the chance to give an extremely brief understanding of the troubles we have caused ourselves.

Skin color, religion, political affiliation, gender, sexuality, status within society has become a key factor in determining how we view one another, how we judge one another. However, with all these views comes judgement. With all these views come a majority over the minority, and together these create existential turmoil as we move ourselves higher or lower based on our looks, our privilege, or our beliefs

I come to wonder why do we do this? Is it because we as humans have discovered ways to move ourselves up to the top of the food chain that now the only things against us are ourselves. Are we truly this ignorant that we believe that within our entire race some of us deserve more than the others?

I know I am only one person, but I can explain the many ways my own status changes based on the characteristics I carry with me in terms of the society I live in. See me as simply a person. Now add a female gender that drops me below men, but above someone who is transgender or gender fluid. I am Latina which places me under someone who is Caucasian. I identify as heterosexual which places me above anyone who is not. Allow me to make it clear that the ranking I am describing is not my personal belief. This is the society’s placing of my being.

Now if there was ever a time where we could all come together and fix the minds of those who allow themselves to degrade not just each other but also themselves in a way that they do not deserve. Reader, I recognize that we are all one heavily confused race, but I also fear that without change we will become the only cause of our downfall. Will we be able to help ourselves?

I chose to mimic William Apess’s essay, “An Indian’s Looking-Glass for the White Man” because of the fact I feel as though the problems going on right now in our world are becoming much larger than one race against another or one religion against another. Instead I feel that it was vital to share on point of view of the war raging with our race. Apess focuses on race and religion and though due to word limitations I could not go more in depth on each, I felt it was necessary to address more than that. I feel that within the world today we are dealing placing ourselves against each other constantly with no winner in sight. I feel Apess’s words were a very good place of inspiration to translate this feelings into words.

  • Elizabeth Dominguez

One thought on ““A Girl’s Looking Glass for the World” (Creative Writing Project)

  1. I like how you used the concept of the looking glass in your piece. I think you did a good job of elaborating on the themes you present. I also enjoy the style of using rhetorical questions, I think this can be even deeper but I know the length was constrained.


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