Lost Harp Translation

It is no doubt that after the political movement created by the Irish and their declaration of emancipation from the English; the use of the harp became synonymous to the Irish; as they used it as a metaphor for sorrow, peace, and freedom. As heard in class the classical piece of the harp we can hear a sorrowful tone to the piece intertwined with the sounds of hope. Derozio’s borrows this symbolism from the Irish, and it makes sense since both India and Ireland are both oppressed in one way or another by the English; mostly by their regime of societal norms of language, knowledge, and religion. In the very first line of Derozio’s The Harp of India, creates a sorrowful imagery of a Harp, “why hang’st thou lonely on yon withered bough?” As if referring not only to the harp itself but to a nation that is fighting this oppression, the Irish nation. This is a cry for help for unity for the same desire of emancipation as a nation.
Derozio also refer to the way in which he recognizes the fact that Ireland can not beat the oppressive English government “silence hath bound thee with her fatal chain” despite having this offer of unity all in the proposition that the Ireland has attempted with so many cries as referring to the poems such as Sydney Owen  refer to Erin the name of the mispronounced country name as a metaphor. That is why there are so many references to the female gender personality of countries. And this is what people in any country always referred to their native lands a female because that is where they were born. Derozio refers to Owens Erin reference in this poetry, that his country is to under the same attack as the Irish lands have been getting prior to England. Derozio is expanding on the Harps symbolism as well as changing the meaning by saying “hey, we have a common opposing threat to our mother countries, I’ll borrow your work to represent my land and show how we can reverse this devastation through the symbol of music.” But this also complicates the meaning of the Harp, because as there are more replicas of the symbol, it sort of loses its meaning and thus why we get the symbol of the harp came to be in the Guinness beer bottle.      


One thought on “Lost Harp Translation

  1. very interesting analysis, especially your last few sentences. So it sounds like Derozio set the stage for the commercialization of the harp, which has become a symbol of global capitalism today. The harp now has therefore more reasons to be sad–it has lost its revolutionary message in our time.


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