VG in 2017

For my poem I drew heavy inspiration from Percy Shelley “England in 1819.” I tried to capture the emotional aspect that the poem evokes through my short and abrupt sentences. In the poem I am describing my local outdoor shopping mall. This is my experience walking through the mall and how my experience of the mall has changed over the years, since I was young to what I view it now. I also included my own reactions to the people I have interacted with in the mall.

The sidewalk is composed of red bricks

Buildings illuminating with shades of orange and brown

Youths walk in a clump with vans on their feet

Women with bug-eyed glasses, clutching onto the strap of their designer purses

Men sauntering with intimidating glances, gawking through Oakleys and Raybans

A fence covered with padlocks stands underneath the shade of Urban Home

People walk aimlessly, following a blank space that they can’t fill

They try to fill it with the overflow of money in their pockets, but it doesn’t seem to do the trick

Only aimless walking is what keeps them from jumping off of the tightrope

-Anthony Miller








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