South Park, South Los Angeles, 2017

I chose South Los Angeles as the city subject to write my poem on, I chose specifically the neighborhood South Park (not to be confused with the TV series), where I grew up most of my life. The population in that area is divided of mostly minority class such as Latinos and African Americans. But there is a huge division created by the class.  The neighborhood has a park that is named Southpark which I refer to in my poem, which is seen as an escape way for both troubled kids as well as trouble adults and it has been stagnated in this cycle that the poverty is seen as normal. Not so far from this neighborhood is the private University of Southern California (USC), where their environment is in a bubble, away from the true nature of the neighborhood of South Los Angeles. If only there were more interactions with the neighboring communities they could bridge a better community and dismantle the class race.  So In order to express this idea I tried to imitate Wordsworth’s “London, 1802” sonnet form that can look back at how race and possibly even class wars can lead to something like the Rodney King Riot that occurred in the year 1992.

South Park, A South Los Angeles neighborhood landmark.      

Filled with Childhood laughter,

But fade away in the dark after.

Homeless and drunks conquer those nights

While in the day… they are still in sight.

What else is there to say?

Well, money’s in the way.

Not all races are considered pedestrians.

Private knowledge is there as an offer

But only at a price.

Lines are drawn for pedestrians to suffer

Still, 1% want minorities to be nice.

Still, they are told the be tougher.

Enrique Ramos


One thought on “South Park, South Los Angeles, 2017

  1. Deep! Love this! Most original thought or idea: everything, but rhyming was very strong in this piece. Improvement could be in the length, I felt like I needed more. (Because it was so good)

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 11/25


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