SF 2017

I did an almost line for line rewrite of London 1802. The hardest part was keeping it in iambic pentameter, maintaining wordsworth’s rhyme scheme, and switching to the 11 word/line section in the middle. I feel as though I didn’t have to rewrite much of the poem’s meaning, because so much of it already applies to SF.


Get up! Arise awake it’s time to go.

Your world, our land does flood we need your aid

The water sits, the church becomes unmade

Heroic souls have come and gone to show

That lack of wealth a seed to plant and sow

To find true joy we must relinquish our trade

And should we be revived and raised from the shade

With virtue and freedom and power in tow,

You soul was like a star and lived far away

You had a voice not unlike the ocean

As pure and free as pure and free and high as the heaven

And so you did go forth as life led on

In such a cheerful way, and yet your love

Upon herself the worst of life she’d don


-Ross Koppel


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