San Jose ’17

Today I present to you a poem on the city of San Jose, the place I was born and raised. I chose to follow William Blake’s London poem loosely. San Jose is an interesting place. It is a multi-cultural city of diversity, and houses an immense level of economic stratification. I spent time around both settings of lavish living, and poverty-stricken areas. I wanted to explain in my poem the opportunity for a young individual to take advantage his resources, but also wanted to exemplify the threat of becoming a juvenile delinquent. As neighbors to major companies such as Apple in Cupertino, and Google in Mountain View, San Jose experienced tremendous change over the rapid introduction of technology. San Jose may not be as culturally exciting as San Francisco, or as vibey as Santa Cruz, but San Jose is definitely a city where you can get a different type of delicious cuisine every day of the week, and find something new and fun to do every day. I also mentioned that San Jose is quite active when it comes to protests and activism.
I walk amongst a bustling street.
Minorities here, constitute the majority
Olfactory sensation, endless choices to eat
A busy day, a city of diversity
A boy laughs innocent joy,
possibilities, he could carve any path,
but today he seeks his toy.
A life of success, or one of vengeful wrath?
How the lawn-mowers quickly tread,
Lavish living on the hills west.
Spontaneously, gangs rumble for street-cred.

Tainted alleys, and rising tension over who is best.

In the dawn of a revolution,
Computers revel in the silicon valley.
Metamorphosis, a decade of transformation.
A call for equality, a crowded street-rally.
Thomas Pham

2 thoughts on “San Jose ’17

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  2. I liked your poem because it hardens back to nostalgia the same way that this poem harkens to a good time in London. Once you expand on your analysis I think you’ll have a good blog post here-Jessica mijares


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