San Diego, 2017

I decided on trying to mimic Wordsworth’s “London, 1802,” in terms of rhyme scheme and content. I allude to the recent election and prototypes of the wall that will be built just south of San Diego along the border. While Wordsworth is essentially romanticizing the past due to the current events in France, I do so similarly but not too idealistically. I also include some of my nostalgia for past, in terms of how simple it used to be before I grew up. Given our time isn’t exactly in the same situation, the election has affected the Hispanic community in various ways, springing deep fear for their safety, their economic security, and social representation. The murals I mention are that of Chicano Park, a park underneath some bridges in Downtown San Diego that has beautifully painted murals depicting Chicano culture and its most recent addition being a political image. I will attach pictures of the mural below as well as translations to look alongside the poem. As a Chicano myself, my poem displays my thoughts on recent events.


Youth. Scars of swing sets and sunsets in Spring,

Laughter lifts the likes of lonely people like me.

Rust lines the lockers of a high-school sea,

To that transient tenderness, do I still cling.

Murals move my heart, still aching, still breaking,

Pausing, only to plead my principal plea:

Cease the construction, do not let it be,

He will not divide us, fists still shaking.

Barriers enclose, they do not protect,

Convicted citizens, families deported,

This is for you, a heartbroken ballad,

For the fearful, the exiled, the stolen,

And hatred for the treacherous architect.

Adulthood. Friends and family, never forgotten.

-Daniel Corral


4 thoughts on “San Diego, 2017

  1. The most original idea here is when you refer to the murals painted in Chicano Park. The way the murals affect you is completely personal and unique. Your poem can be improved by adding an adolescent portion. Your poem starts out with youth and ends with adult, but the confusion and angst of being an adolescent would make the poem more complete.

    Extra Credit 1/10


  2. I really enjoy this piece! I am from San Diego myself and I love going here with my friends to go see the murals. The way you incorporate your own beliefs/thoughts into this is amazing and I feel that it makes it unique. Maybe if you could add some more of how San Diego has changed over the years, that would be great!

    EC 1/25


  3. I think the most original part of this post was its hearking to your own personal Hispanic culture and I think the mural complimented it well. I think as an improvement I would like to just see a longer poem, or I think using a rhyme scheme or rhythm (like iambic pentameter) could really improve this poem.


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