Reality TV Show Competition

In-class group work: Reality TV show competition

In groups, students will evaluate the three creative writing blog posts (listed below) as a judge in a Reality TV show competition.  Each group represents a panel of judges that will decide the winner based on the following criteria:

  1. Artistry of writing
  2. Fidelity to the form, rhetoric, style, and content of the original text
  3. Engagement with an implied modern reader
  4. Use of medium

Each panel of judges that will chose ONE poem that best meets these four criteria.  After the group deliberates for 15 minutes, each student will vote for the winner on the Top Hat survey.  The groups will afterwards explain the rationale for their decision.

The winner will be awarded a prize certificate for English 102 signed by its illustrious instructor!!!

Three creative writing blog posts:

1. Jessica Mijares:

2. Luz Palacios:

3.  Thomas Pham:




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