Porterville 2017

The written poem is based from William Blake’s “London”. The reason I choose this poem is because of the tone that it is used in. As discussed in our group on Wednesday, this poem is very observant. The narrator/ author descriptions really take you to the city, it makes you feel as if you are actually there. A modern theme my poem relates with is the drought that central valleys has had in the following years. So I choose my hometown Porterville to write about. Porterville was one of the small towns that was hit badly by the drought. Although my family and I were personally impacted by it, there were other parts of the town where it got drastic.

I step outside to find something to do

I can feel the sun’s rays piercing me with warmth

I water the plants at the same time every day, at half past two

For years we have been hearing about the drought, this would the fourth


On my weekly trip to the grocery store was when you could really see it

I cruise down an empty street that once would be filled with traffic

Posters of “save and conserve water”, didn’t seem legit

There must be more to it than just these tactics


Oh Jerry Brown! What hopes can we have from him?



-Ravneet Dhillon


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