Playa Icacos 2017

For this poem, I have tried to emulate the style of William Blake’s London The city that I’ve chosen to write about for this blogpost is my parent’s hometown of Playa Icacos, Mexico. I’ve chosen to write about this city because several years ago the city was commercialized by a huge new hotel resort that named itself Playa Viva. Which I presume is because it’s easier to pronounce “Viva” than “Icacos”. The addition of the new resorts that were built under the new name did bring some positive aspects because they formed programs that tried to save the turtle population, however, there still remained major division between the tourists and the locals. The dichotomy between the locals and the tourists is almost too obvious. Most of the locals face poverty, and most of the tourists are oblivious to the amount of poverty.

Anyway, built up resentment aside. Here’s my poem:

Golden sand and crystal warm waters are what your eyes meet

Your biggest worries are the pesky local vendors you hear

Their biggest worry is if their kids will eat

Or if the violence and cartels will lead their children to disappear

As a parent they either watch your children stay and starve or head north and never see them again

As a parent you watch your child jump into a royal blue pool

As a parent you just make some problems go away by getting on another plain to Spain

As a parent their government treats them like they’re a fool

I can’t remember the last time I was home

It isn’t really home, Mexican-American children have a saying

We’re not from here and we’re not from there, we just roam

It’s hard when America hates you so much, and your other hometown is decaying

It’s hard when a tourist tries to tell you how fun the coast was on spring break

But for your parents homecoming is just a dream

Smelling the coconut candy and swimming in the ocean till they have a body ache

Wishing the political turmoil didn’t exist while the waves gleam

-Beyanira Bautista


One thought on “Playa Icacos 2017

  1. I love love love this! I think the most original thing in this poem was everything because many of my Latino/Latina friends have mentioned this and how hard it is for their parents to go back home for whatever reason. But tourists can enjoy their culture or “pretend” to enjoy their culture for a day or 2 and then come back to their “home.” I think expanding on how people feel when tourists step onto their country would be amazing.

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 4/25


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