Orosi 2017


The poem I choose to mirror is William Wordsworth’s London 1802. In the poem I will discuss the idea of the town I was raised needing a mayor and leadership just as Wordsworth  states that Milton was needed in London.



Mayor! Where are you? where is he when you need him?

This town has been long forgotten

and the agriculture now  smells of rotten

All children are promised an equal opportunity

the case is different for a struggling community

In the summer pick ,pick, pick, cotton

Many fail to see the unity Its’s within

With proper leadership changes of success would not be as slim

Mayor when will you make your entrance

the town lacks leadership

Someone needs to step it up and steer this ship

Oh come help us!

Bring back the orchard essence

There are far too many issues, all too difficult to discuss



-Luz Zepeda






One thought on “Orosi 2017

  1. I like this a lot, the most original idea in this is mentioning lack of leadership rather than the town itself only. My only improvement would be to add more background on your city. Or write as if you did have leadership, what would then happen? Can the city be great again? Has it ever been great?

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 25/25


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