Mid-City/ Los Angeles, 2017

For this weeks blog post I have decided to make a parody of William Blake’s poem London. I decided to use this as a guide in creating my poem of the city where I was raised. This poem was very helpful because it provided a rhyme pattern to follow, abab cdcd. Blake’s poem sets a sad tone but still seems sincere in wanting to desire the city. This is the same approach I wanted to take on my poem. I am both showing the negative and positive aspects of the city. I was able to create a sad tone by expressing the way the city is over  glamorized. The positive tone is created through showing the beauty of what the city truly is.

The true city of Angeles, where we fly

Not the one that has been glamorized for its Hollywood sign

The real city where we lift each other high

Not the one where everyone is trying to make the headline


The city that is filled with art they like to call graffiti

Where the palm trees stand high

There is not a moment of silence in the city

Because when you look above there is always a helicopter in the sky


The true city of Angeles where we all look different

Where our cultures are mixed into one

Where the Angeles are magnificent

Because we are all kissed by the sun


Don’t be fooled by the luxury

Because when you are in deep

You will make the discovery

That in the real city these Angeles never sleep.

-Alondra Morales Aguilar




One thought on “Mid-City/ Los Angeles, 2017

  1. Everything about this poem was original and beautiful! It’s true, LA is always busy and it’s never quiet. However, you could expand on the negativity that surrounds LA? Other than that, I enjoyed this piece.

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 2/25


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