The University is the problem.

Merced tries very hard to be a city where college students are the center, but does this at the expense of others. This city stole the university from Fresno all to protect a couple rich kids. This city needs a lot of work regarding its racial and class relations, probably, not like a Los Angeles or San Francisco, but at least those cities have cultures. This city has no culture nor distinct people. You can’t even get decent Mexican food here. Fresno on the other hand does have culture from their Mexican American community, and although the city has its problems it doesn’t hide them. Mostly every city in the 559-209 loves their people. Merced meanwhile practically cut off most people from seeing the real Merced that is known as south Merced. You can’t get a bus to take you down there, you have to either go walking or take a car. This city tries to be the symbol of the Central Valley, but falls short. The Central Valley doesn’t offer what So Cal and Nor Cal offer, but thats fine by us because we offer what both regions can’t. That’s respect for different races, and an importance of the working class. Merced tries desperately to detach itself from the Central Valley. I use Percy Shelley’s ‘England in 1819’ and compare the city’s coverup to North Korea.
Merced will never be a great city

And fails to be the symbol of Central Valley.

You see the university,

But hide the real people of the Valley

Merced is North Korea

It’s seems made up, and hides the real view

But if you had any idea

Of what lies South you would know there’s good people like you

I understand that education is key for a growing university,

But take a lesson from Rome,

And expand but welcome all diversity

Because Merced should be everyone’s home.

Merced should pave the way for other colleges

And show California a solution to all its racial problems.
-Ben Montes


One thought on “The University is the problem.

  1. One of the best poems I have read in this class. Maybe because it’s so true! Most original thought was everything, I love that you read my mind and I could sit here and agree to every line. Personally, I do not see any improvements, except for maybe add more? It was that good, and I would love to read more.

    Rahma Kohin
    EC – 15/25


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